What You Missed on the Internet This Week

Think you know everything there is to know about Tracy Anderson? Think again! {IntoTheGloss

Another week another pixie cut. Model Coco Rocha chopped her strawberry locks into an edgy, side-swept cut. {BeautyCounter

Want to experiment with saturated primary colors on your face? Let Vogue’s art-inspired selections guide you. {Vogue

Jennifer Garner swears by drugstore sunscreen—and not just because she’s the face of Neutrogena: “I use so much of it.” {Allure

Tips for rocking a metallic eye a la Lizzy Caplan. {InStyle

The fashion world’s attributing the plunging sales of Tweezers to Cara Delevingne’s legendary eyebrows. Makes sense to us! {VogueUK

Zooey Deschanel writes about her famous hair: “You could say that I'm hooked on bangs.” {Glamour

All the details on Madewell’s new partnership with Drybar. {PopSugar

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