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What You Missed on the Internet This Week

Tracy Anderson on Gwyneth’s butt, Coco Rocha’s new pixie cut, and the real reason no one’s buying Tweezers.
What You Missed on the Internet This Week

Think you know everything there is to know about Tracy Anderson? Think again! {IntoTheGloss

Another week another pixie cut. Model Coco Rocha chopped her strawberry locks into an edgy, side-swept cut. {BeautyCounter

Want to experiment with saturated primary colors on your face? Let Vogue’s art-inspired selections guide you. {Vogue

Jennifer Garner swears by drugstore sunscreen—and not just because she’s the face of Neutrogena: “I use so much of it.” {Allure

Tips for rocking a metallic eye a la Lizzy Caplan. {InStyle

The fashion world’s attributing the plunging sales of Tweezers to Cara Delevingne’s legendary eyebrows. Makes sense to us! {VogueUK

Zooey Deschanel writes about her famous hair: “You could say that I'm hooked on bangs.” {Glamour

All the details on Madewell’s new partnership with Drybar. {PopSugar

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