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15 Gorgeous Wedding Updos That Are Actually Cool

  • 15 Gorgeous Wedding Updos That Are Actually Cool
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    Photo: Pinterest
  • braided
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    Keep clicking for the best braided bridal updos!

  • braided updo 1
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    Spray your hair with a texturizing spray, like Oribe’s Dry Texturizing Spray ($42), braid your hair into two pigtails, then wrap them around your head. Pin in place, and you’re done!

  • braided updo 2
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    Photo: Pinterest

    A braided twist that starts at your crown is a soft look for the romantic bride.


  • braided updo 3
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    Photo: Pinterest

    Why French braid from top to bottom when you can French braid diagonally?

  • braided updo 4
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    Photo: Refinery29

    This gorgeous triple braided bun is way easier than it looks. Don’t believe us? Here’s the step-by-step tutorial

  • braided updo 5
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    Photo: Once Wed

    A breathtaking braided version of the French twist for the classic bride.


  • sleek
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    Keep clicking for the best sleek bridal updos!

  • sleek updo 1
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    Photo: One Wed

    A smooth, tucked-in updo will never go out of style.

  • sleek updo 2
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    Photo: Pinterest

    We could stare at this intricate knotted bun for hours and still not be able to figure out how it was created.

  • sleek updo 3
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    Photo: Pinterest

    A simple knotted ballerina bun allows glittering earrings to shine

  • sleek updo 4
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    Photo: The Beauty Department

    This Infinity Bun created by The Beauty Department is sheer genius.

  • sleek updo 5
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    A twisted bun at the nape of the neck is simple and chic.

  • undone
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    Keep clicking for the prettiest undone bridal hairstyles!

  • undone updo 1
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    Photo: Pinterest

    Twist sections of your hair up in different directions and pin in place, letting wispy strands fall around your face. 

  • undone updo 2
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    Photo: Pinterest

    Make a statement by pinning a glittery hairpiece under your perfectly disheveled braid

  • undone updo 3
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    Photo: Daniel Gurton for Vs. Magazine

    A slightly undone half-‘do looks beautiful with a delicate flower crown.


    Photo credit: Daniel Gurton for Vs. Magazine


  • undone updo 4
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    Photo: Once Wed

    We’re obsessed with this stunning, low-key take on the classic French twist.

  • undone updo 5
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    Photo: Pinterest

    A twisted braid that turns into a messy bun—our favorite type of hairstyle hybrid.


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Gone are the days of stiff chignons and tight, over-sprayed buns—no, the modern take on the bridal updo is the opposite of dated. Whether you prefer your buns and topknots loose and undone, sleek and refined, or beautifully braided, we’ve gathered the only hair inspo you need to see before your big day.

Click through the slideshow above for 15 wedding updos you’ll actually want to wear!

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