EXCLUSIVE: Victoria's Secret Models Share Their Favorite At-Home Beauty DIYs

EXCLUSIVE: Victoria's Secret Models Share Their Favorite At-Home Beauty DIYs

Victoria’s Secret models may have hit the genetic jackpot, but even they don’t wake up with flawless skin and photo-ready hair (shocking, we know). In the spirit of celebrating natural beauty, we spoke with three VS Angels and asked them to spill the at-home beauty DIYs they use for their glowing, well, everything. Turns out, Lily Aldridge, Candice Swanepoel, and Martha Hunt are quite the kitchen beauticians (yet another skill to add to their ever-growing resumes, no?). 


Click through the slideshow above for Aldrige, Swanepoel, and Hunt’s favorite beauty DIYs!

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    Swanepoel’s All-Natural Trio

    Ever wondered how Swanepoel’s hair shines the way it does? What about the way her complexion glows? Keep clicking for the three all-natural products she swears by…

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    Coconut oil: As if we needed more reasons to use coconut oil, Swanapoel says she uses our favorite oil as a hair and body moisturizer. “Occasionally, I use coconut oil all over my body, or in my hair if my hair is feeling really dry,” she says. “It can take awhile to wash out, but it always leaves my hair feeling healthy and shiny!” Not sure how to use it? Click here for our coconut oil hair mask recipe.

    Lemon juice:

    “I love to use lemon juice as a toner,” she shares. “It really cleans my face!” And that’s not the only thing—lemons are full of vitamin C, an antioxidant that naturally brightens your complexion. They also act as a natural astringent by restoring your skin’s pH balance and tightening your pores. Note: always use fresh lemon juice, and if your skin is sensitive, just dilute with water.

    (Click here for our blackhead-busting DIY lemon scrub recipe!)

    Ice water:

    Before you roll your eyes at yet another model who swears that drinking water is the key to her perfect skin, hear us out: Swanepoel uses ice cold water on her face. “I [splash] extremely cold water on my face to help de-puff my ‘morning face,’” she says.

    First of all, we’re still reeling at the fact that even Victoria’s Secret models suffer from AM puffy-face. Second of all, is there a glass of ice water in our near vicinity?

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    Hunt’s Protein Hair Mask

    Hunt puts eggs in her hair—here’s why…

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    Egg Whites + Rosemary Oil

    Hunt’s hair may look amazing in every photograph, but all the heat styling can leave it feeling dry and damaged. Her remedy? A homemade hair mask. “I like to make a homemade egg white and rosemary oil hair mask, because my hair gets color damaged and so distressed from working with heat,” she says. “The protein mask helps rebuild and strengthen my hair.”

    Let’s break down how exactly it works, shall we? First of all, the proteins in egg whites nourish your roots and can stimulate hair growth. Second of all, they’re full of other fatty acids, potassium, and vitamins to give hair a glossy shine and heal damage. Rosemary oil has been used for centuries to stimulate hair growth, so the two ingredients combined are will leave you with glossy, healthy strands. To make your own, combine 2 egg whites with 3-4 tablespoons of rosemary oil. 

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    Aldridge’s Body Scrub

    The secret to Aldridge’s radiant skin? Right this way…

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    Coconut Oil + Sugar

    “Coconut oil and sugar makes a great at-home body scrub,” Aldridge says. “Plus, it smells amazing.” To make your own, take one part coconut oil, add two parts sugar, then mix everything together with a spoon. Bring the mixture with you to your next shower, and use it like you would with any other scrub. The sugar will gently exfoliate, and the coconut oil will moisturize, leaving your skin soft and hydrated. 


    Have you ever tried any of these natural DIYs? What other beauty questions do you have for these Angels? Sound off below!

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