10 Beauty Products You Should Definitely Ditch By Age 30

10 Beauty Products You Should Definitely Ditch By Age 30

“Your 30’s are the new 20’s!”—most of us have probably heard this life philosophy by now and nodded along in fervent agreement. And though we concur with it in most regards, we do think there are some things you should bid adieu as you approach the new golden decade—glitter anything, for example.

To help you approach this fabulous new decade with style and grace, we’ve compiled a list of the ten beauty products that are best left behind to the chaos, er, learning period of your 20’s.

Keep flipping for 10 beauty products you should definitely ditch by the time you turn 30—and what to replace them with!

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    Ditch: Fruity Body Sprays

    Ahh—nothing brings back memories like the pungent smell of a fruity body spray with a name pulled straight from a dessert menu. As much as we’ll miss smelling like the contents of a punch bowl, let’s leave these sprays behind, along with the days when we thought the “spritz and walk through” technique was the proper way to apply perfume.

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    Instead, Try: Picking A Signature Fragrance

    Or better yet, layer your fragrances for a truly signature scent!


    Pictured: Gucci Guilty Eau de Toilette ($58)

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    Ditch: Over-The-Top False Eyelashes

    As much as we love long, fluttery lashes, an over-the-top fringe looks silly when it’s not accompanied by a sequined mini dress (a former closet staple we humbly suggest also leaving behind in your 20’s).


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    Instead, Try: Subtle Individual Lashes

    We love these ones by Make Up For Ever—natural, yet lengthening!

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    Ditch: Sparkly Lip Gloss

    Nothing screams “juvenile” more than giant specks of sparkle on your lips. Leave the high gloss and sparkle to the less mature, and save your lips for something a bit more polished.

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    Instead, Try: Sheer Gloss With A Tint Of Color

    A sheer, non-sticky gloss, like YSL’s Gloss Volupté ($32), gives you sleek shine with a touch of color.

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    Ditch: Glitter Eyeliner

    Perfect for the Friday night dance parties of your 20’s, glitter eyeliner looks out of place when there isn’t a rotating disco ball in sight. 

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    Instead, Try: A Warm, Metallic Eyeliner

    If you insist on shimmer, reach for a creamy eyeliner with a barely-there glint of metal. We love Chantecaille’s Waterproof Eyeliner ($26) in Nutmeg.

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    Ditch: Colored Mascara

    Yes, it was a fun trend, and yes, you got many a colorful Instagram #selfie from it, but we suggest giving it a rest for your more refined decade. 

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    Instead, Try: An Inky-Black Waterproof Mascara

    Who has time to deal with smudging and running when there are careers to own and lives to figure out? Lancôme’s Hynose Star Mascara ($28) will keep your lashes look lush—not dry or flaky—come hell or high water.

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    Ditch: Nail Art Stamps

    We’re not saying no one is appreciating the lace patterns on your nails—we’re just saying it may be time to give them a break, in favor of more polished decorations. If you simply can’t give up nail art (we all have our vices), why not try a simple design, like a half-moon mani or simple lines? 

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    Instead, Try: Any Other Polish

    When it comes to your nails, we believe your color preferences and tastes will change naturally with your age—so wear whatever color you want on your digits, and do it proudly.

    Pictured: Deborah Lippmann Nail Lacquer ($18) in I Know What Boys Like

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    Ditch: Baby Pink Lipstick

    Or, any product with “Baby” in the title or description. 

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    Instead, Try: A Pink Gloss-Lipstick Hybrid

    A petal pink lipstick is not only more flattering than bubblegum pink, but more age appropriate. We like Dolce & Gabbana’s Passion Duo Gloss Fusion Lipstick ($36) because it delivers color with just a hint of shine.

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    Ditch: Clip-In Hair Extensions

    Don’t get us wrong—we think hair extensions are genius. Clip a couple pieces into your hair that stubbornly refuses to grow, and you’re left with Gisele-status waves? It sounds too good to be true—and unfortunately, it usually is. Extensions might be a quick fix, but more often than not, they don’t always look natural (to put it delicately). 

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    Instead Try: Embracing Your Shorter Locks

    By the time you hit 30, you’ll have learned how to accept hard truths (even if you don’t like them). So your hair refuses to grow past your shoulders—take a minute to process, and then learn to love your natural strands. Short hair is striking, so why not play up your texture with a texturizing spray, like Oribe’s Dry Texturizing Spray ($42)? If you’re determined to have long locks, try taking one of these vitamins to boost hair growth.

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    Ditch: Hair Chalk

    We love it, we really do—but strictly for music festivals, or Halloween costumes, please.

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    Instead, Try: Balayage Highlights

    Determined to have streaks in your hair? May we recommend balayage highlights—sun-kissed strands that are nowhere near My Little Pony territory (and perfect for the hair-tossing you’ll do in your 30’s). 

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    Ditch: Shimmery Bronzer

    A little shimmer may have made you look sun-kissed back in your 20’s, but it’ll just draw unwanted attention to areas you’d rather not highlight now. 

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    Instead, Try: A Silky, Matte Bronzer

    A matte bronzer, like Too Faced’s Milk Chocolate Soleil ($27), will give you the post-beach glow you want and make for a great contour.

    Do you agree with our picks? Any we left off? Sound off below!

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