With Andy Lecompte

With Andy Lecompte
When Hollywood's most influential icons, chicest starlets, and top tastemakers need a new look, they turn to hairstylist Andy Lecompte for his peerless work. In addition to creating some of the most copied cuts in the world, Lecompte always knows what's new—and what's next!
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    Blunt Bob

    Who: Ali Larter & Arizona Muse

    A blunt bob with a little bit of graduation in the back. Ask for a true blunt cut; you don't want razored ends.

    "Wear it wavy and textured and messy--not prim."

    Why It Works:
    "This haircut is a little '20s, but also has an '80s vibe to it. You need to wear it wavy and messy; a perfectly blown-out short bob is not as modern of a look. You can also style it with a deep side part for an asymmetrical look."

    Best For: Girls with relatively fine hair--it will make it look thicker. This cut also works for girls with medium-to-curly texture too; it just requires a bit more styling. Any face shape can wear this; it's just a matter of finding the right length for your face.

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    Mid-Length With Invisible Layers

    Who: Jessica Hart

    What: A mid-chest length cut with soft, invisible layers for movement and texture.

    Wear: "The layers shouldn't stand out or be chunky; they're there to help the hair fall and move nicely, as well as give hair volume and shape. I cut them with thinning shears. You can really do whatever you want with this cut. You can clip in extension pieces for added length and volume, or you can braid it, style it straight--anything."

    Why It Works: Again, the flexibility factor. "This cut is also very versatile and lends itself to lots of different styling options."

    Best For:
    If your hair isn't in tip-top shape, but you want a long cut that makes your hair look really full, this might be for you!  

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    Blunt Mid-Length

    Who: Gwyneth Paltrow

    What: A blunt cut that falls anywhere between the mid-chest and bust. You can also ask for a few layers in front to frame the face and give the cut a little more movement.

    Wear: "It's an incredibly versatile haircut--you're not locked into styling it in a specific way. It looks great with a slight bend, a great natural wave, or you can wear it straight."

    Why It Works:
     "It's chic and modern without being too long, and because it's so blunt, it makes your hair look really healthy and thick. It's perfect for showing off really healthy hair."

    Best For:
    Almost any hair type and face shape can wear this cut--again, it's super versatile. 

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    Cropped Cut

    Who: Ashlee Simpson & Carey Mulligan

    A short cut--approximately 4 inches all over and tight in the back--but not too cropped. Think: Gwyneth Paltrow in Sliding Doors.

    "You can wear it wavy or keep it on the straighter side. If you want to make it sexier, just ask for a slightly longer cut (about 5-inches long in front), but still keep it shorter in the back (ideally about 1-inch long)."

    Why It Works:
    "It's the perfect cut if you want a short look, but aren't ready to commit to the Michelle Williams-style pixie."

    Best For:
    This works best for girls who have hair that's either straight or slightly wavy, and with fine-to-medium texture. 
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    A-Line Bob

    Who: Katy Perry

    A blunt, A-line bob.

    "It's a very fashionable bob because it has an elegant fullness to it and looks really ladylike when it's blown out."

    Why It Works:
    "There's a soft layer to Katy Perry's cut, which gives it an angled look. This cut is amazing with a more experimental hair color; you get the contrast of the punky color combined with ladies-who-lunch elegance."

    Best For:
    Anyone looking for a non-frumpy bob. This cut works with lots of hair types, though it's best for those with medium texture or light waves. If you have curly hair, you can still get this look, just go a bit longer. If your hair is ultra fine, don't emphasize the A-line shape as much because it will make your hair look thinner.
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    Blunt Bangs

    Who: Rooney Mara

    Blunt bangs--they should start approximately 1-to-2-inches back from your hairline, depending on your hair type and forehead size--and pulled-back hair.

    "It's all about the bangs, and then pulling the rest of the hair back."

    Why It Works:
    "It's not like the other blunt bangs out there right now. These bangs are much more angular, modern, and clean."

    Best For:
    Girls who don't like fussing with complicated hairstyles but still want a very strong look. It can work for almost all hair types: if you have straighter hair, just blow-dry your bangs with your fingers, but if you have curlier hair you'll need to use either a paddle brush or a flat iron to get them straight and smooth.
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    Pixie Cut

    Who: Michelle Williams

    A very short Mia Farrow-style pixie cut. Ask for something very cropped--approximately 1-inch long overall--and slightly tighter in back.

    "Really play up this cut with a bright, bold hair color. It can work with dark hair as well as blonde, it just has to be a statement shade."

    Why It Works:
    "It's such a cute haircut, but it's also very bold and very strong. No one is really wearing hair this short, so it definitely stands out. It's a beautiful cut for women of all ages--but you need a nice strong jawline and a good neck." 

    Best For:
    All hair types are welcome to try this cut, but you need to have the required great bone structure.
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    Shaved Sides

    Who: Alice Dellal & Lourdes Ciccone Leon

    Long hair that's shaved on one side.

    "Style it with Old Hollywood waves and a deep side part for a punk-rock-meets-Veronica Lake look."

    Why It Works:
    "I think this look is very sexy, very masculine/feminine. It's also really versatile: there are no real rules on how to shave the sides. I suggest starting with a 1-inch clip and shaving from the start of your hairline, just above your ear, and going back as far as you like."

    Best For:
    Risk-takers with lots of hair. "The more hair you have, the better," Lecompte says, so if you have fine locks, you might want to skip this look. It does work with any face shape, so if you're daring, go for it!
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    Long Bob with Heavy Fringe

    Who: Nicole Richie & Olivia Wilde 

    What: A long bob razored to the collarbone and then layered throughout with thinning shears. The bangs are heavy, but soft.  

    Wear: "It's a forgiving haircut: you don't have to spend a lot of time styling it every day." 

    Why It Works: "It's that very trendy Cleopatra length, but Nicole gives it a '70s look with the fringe and all the layers. It's a very unique haircut because it's long, choppy, and has a Debbie Harry vibe." 

    Best For: It works for almost any hair texture, but is especially perfect for girls with a little natural wave. Lecompte says you can blow-dry the roots and leave the ends to dry naturally. This is an excellent cut for girls with heart-shaped or oval faces. 
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    Long Shag

    Who: Rihanna

    What: A long shag haircut with heavy bangs.

    "It looks great how Rihanna is wearing it: fuller and thicker at the roots and the crown, but very thinned out at the ends. She also has a heavy fringe and is wearing her hair pretty straight, so the overall look is edgy, but still has a '70s shag vibe."

    Why It Works:
    "It's edgy and cool, and you get to keep some length to it too. You can have it short and chopped in the front, but still past the shoulder in the back. Just don't let it go below your bra strap at its longest, otherwise it can look like a mullet."

    Best For:
    Anyone looking for a strong haircut that can be worn curly, wavy, or straight. 

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