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The World's Best Hangover Cures

  • The World's Best Hangover Cures
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  • Britt Aboutaleb Byrdie
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    Britt Aboutaleb, Byrdie’s editorial director, recovers with strawberry ice cream and lots of water (Harmless Harvest Coconut Water ($5) is ideal). “If I have to leave the house, I use Biologique Recherche Lotion P50 ($59) and Rodin Olio Lusso ($150) to bring my skin back to life. Then excessive coats of Chanel Le Volume Mascara ($30) and a big hat to make me feel put together!”

  • Jenn Camp LeFashion
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    The morning after a big night, Jenn Camp of LeFashion brings herself back to life with a “burrito the size of my head, lots of water and an ibuprofen.” Her go-to beauty trick? “A warm bath with Jo Malone Orange Blossom Bath Oil ($65). It moisturizes and also has a refreshing scent that's a great pick-me-up.”

  • Mat Sanders Domaine
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    The editorial director of Byrdie’s sister site, Domaine, says his cure for a hangover is “one part iced, cold brew coffee, one part coconut water, and three Advil Liqui-gels; it’s hydration with a kick!” And though he doesn’t reach for it often, he does keep Chanel’s #20 Correcteur Perfection Concealer ($40) in his medicine cabinet. “It's the only one I've found that really looks natural!”

  • Alex Taylor Social Media
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    Alex Taylor, Clique's director of content and social strategy, counts on Pellegrino, Advil, and a “cheesy egg sandwich with lots of salt” to bring her back to life post-party. As for her face? “A pair of oversized sunglasses and a quick swipe of Jouer Tinted Pearl Lip Enhancer ($16)—it brings my lips back to life and adds a touch of color.”

  • Laurie Trott Who What Wear
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    Who What Wear’s fashion director, Laurie Trott, says, “I drink water with lemon and tons of coffee, then I get on the treadmill or elliptical for an hour to sweat it out, and then I usually eat a cheeseburger.” We’re trying that next time.

  • Taryn Multack Miss Ladyfinger
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    “For me, nothing beats a hangover better than a root beer and a good old-fashioned New York bagel,” Miss Ladyfinger blogger Taryn Multack says. “Then I whip out my Yves Saint Laurent Touche Éclat ($40) for under eye circles; it erases shadows quickly.”

  • Lexy Lebsack Byrdie
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    “I make a smoothie with protein powder, fruit, and coconut water (if I have some in the fridge) and take an Alka Seltzer or French aspirin,” Lexy Lebsack, Byrdie’s editor, says. Then she follows two rules: exfoliation and hydration! “I use Kate Somerville's Exfolikate ($22) and apply Renee Rouleau's Pure Radiance Mask ($60) or Kate Somerville's Quench Mask ($45). If my eyes are puffy, I'll put a frozen metal spoon on each eye for a few minutes—yes, I keep spoons in my freezer—and dab on La Roche-Posay's Hydraphase Intense Eyes ($28); it’s great for de-puffing.”

  • Danielle Nussbaum Entertainment Director
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    Danielle Nussbaum, entertainment director for Byrdie, Domaine, and Who What Wear, counts on Berocca ($20), Goody's Headache Powder ($7), and a cup of Stumptown coffee—black—to help her recover in the case of too many bourbons. Then, a distracting red lip. “Nars' Lipstick ($26) in Jungle Red stays in place for hours, which is a good thing, since I can't bear to look at myself in the mirror to keep checking if it's perfect.

  • Geri Hirsch Because I’m Addicted
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    Because I’m Addicted’s Geri Hirsch says, “To quote Kanye, sunglasses and Advil ($16).”

  • Hillary Kerr Co-Founder and Editorial Director
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    If Hillary Kerr, Clique’s co-founder and editorial director, has been “over-served” she drinks both coconut water and Alka Seltzer ($7) before bed. “ If things are particularly dire, I get The Hangover Shot ($5) at Earth Bar and maybe a B-12 Shot ($25) too, followed by french fries, and possibly a Salty Dog,” she says. “If my face looks as parched as my mouth feels, I will break out a SK-11 Facial Treatment Mask ($90), followed by a big dollop of Clinique's Moisture Surge ($50). I also dress up more than usual; there's nothing like a put-together outfit to trick people into thinking you're feeling okay.”

  • Anna James Fash Boulevard
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    “My go-to is sushi with a large side of pickled ginger, which boosts your digestive system and helps to relieve any nausea,” says Fash Boulevard blogger Anna James. Then she reaches for Masqueology’s Revitalizing Eye Gel Masque ($24); “it brightens the under eye area, making it appear as if you received a healthy and respectable night of R&R.”

Good morning! Rough night? Don’t worry, we’re here to help you make it up and out of the house before noon on the first day of 2014. Our editors and blogger friends shared a wide range of guaranteed hangover cures, makeup tricks, and go-to disguises that are sure to revive both you and your skin. From a greasy egg and cheese to hydrating masks, there’s something for everyone. Happy New Year!

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