The Side Braid's Staying Power

The Side Braid's Staying Power, Patrick McMullan,

Last summer’s reigning style—the crown braid—was beautiful in theory, but hard to execute with your own two hands. Luckily, everyone’s digging the side braid this summer and it’s a look anyone can pull off in their sleep. Follow Erin Wasson’s lead and tuck it under a headband or twist your French braid to the side a la Alexandra Richards. The only thing to keep in mind: the more texture you build before braiding, the better it looks. Click through for more inspiration!

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    PHOTO: Janette Pellegrini/Getty Images for Women's Health

    Alexandra Richards

    The rock star spawn turned DJ started her French braid in the center of her head, framing her face with a soft mini-bouffant when she pulled it to the side at a Women’s Health party in Bridgehampton.

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    PHOTO: Munawar Hosain/

    Zosia Mamet

    Mamet’s haphazard fishtail might be our favorite: her side part’s loose, the hair along the braid’s pulled out for added texture, and a small piece of hair was wrapped around the end of the braid for a seamless finish.

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    Miranda Kerr

    Look, the side braid’s so easy that even Kerr—who’s balancing a toddler, a beauty empire, and a never-ending stream of inspirational looks—can pull it together.

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    PHOTO: Joe Schildhorn /

    Emmy Rossum

    Follow Rossum’s lead and toss a hat on top of your braid.

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    Emma Roberts

    See what we mean about texture?

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    PHOTO: Daniel Robertson/

    Keri Russell

    Of course, texture doesn’t mean a lack of shine! Try spraying Sally Hershberger’s Star Shine ($13) all over your hair in place of hairspray.

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    PHOTO: David Tonnessen,PacificCoastNews

    Lake Bell

    Don’t worry about weaving all of your hair into the braid. Bell demonstrates just how good it can look when only about a third of your hair makes the cut.

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    PHOTO: Patrick McMullan

    Emily Wickersham

    Wickersham went beachy at the premiere of The Bridge, in which she stars alongside Diane Kruger.

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    PHOTO: Humberto Carreno/

    Erin Wasson

    A fishtail braid turns ‘80s when secured under a black, turban-like headband on Wasson. Whichever star you emulate, you’ll want to be armed with a teeny tiny rubber band, like one of Professional Braiding Rubber Bands ($1).

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