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What's Playing On Model iPods

Models share their number one songs backstage at New York Fashion Week.
What's Playing On Model iPods
Before models hit the runway, they sit backstage for what can be hours of hair and makeup. They're shuffled back and forth between stylists who pull, cut, sometimes even dye their hair and makeup artists who strip their faces before re-painting them, not to mention manicurists who buff their nails to oblivion. So what do they do with all that time? We spotted one particularly focused teen reading The Bell Jar, but most of them pass the time with headphones on their ears. What, we wanted to know, are their current favorite songs? Below, our model playlist. Karlie Kloss, Frank Ocean's "Thinking About You"

Meghan Collison, Sun Kil Moon's "Exit Does Not Exist"

Laura Kampam, The xx's "Angels"

Jourdan Dunn, Juicy J. featuring Lil' Wayne and 2 Chainz, "Bands A Make Her Dance"

Sara Blomquist, "The whole Drive soundtrack."

Charlotte Wiggins, The Vaccines "Wetsuit"

Nadja Bender, Eddie Vedder's "Society"

Aymeline Valade, "Anything Radiohead!"

Annie Kortleve, Noah and the Whale's "Shape of My Heart"

Irina Kulikova, Limp Bizkit's "Faith"

Yulia Kharlapanova, Sade's "No Ordinary Love"
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