How To Look Expensive

How To Look Expensive

You might not even realize that the beauty look you're striving for is 'expensive.' Clothes, sure, but clear skin? Healthy hair? Full lashes? Together they can cost just as much as this season's must-have handbag. In How to Look Expensive, beauty editor Andrea Pomerantz Lustig, who's penned her Beauty Sleuth column for Glamour for ten years, details the exorbitant cost of looking like a movie star and offers years worth of collected tips for copping their style without breaking the bank.

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    The Best Tip That Didn't Make It

    Lustig had to cut 50 pages worth of tips from the book, but the one she really wishes had made the final cut comes from Jeffrey Paul, the man behind Freida Pinto's always perfect makeup: "Use a Post-it Note as a stencil along your lower lid to get a perfectly angled line when applying winged liner."

    Lustig favors ByTerry Ligne Blackstar Intense Liquid Eyeliner ($43) in Black Friction and NYX Cosmetics Super Skinny Eye Marker ($9) in Carbon Black.
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    What's Worth Big Bucks

    "I splurge on products from ByTerry," says Lustig. "High-end, yes, but you can't go wrong. The colors, formulas, and delivery systems are great. Also, Nars' The Multiple ($39) in Orgasm is my must-have."

    Of course, what's worth money for Lustig might not be the right splurge for you. She spends money on things that work best for her--like Dr. Colbert's skincare products. "I call them Blue Chip Beauty Splurges," she says. "Like a blue chip stock, you pay more, but the results are worth it." In other words, if you find something you like, stick with it.
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    Our Favorite Secret

    One of the best secrets Lustig spills is how Blake Lively scores her signature eye makeup. We're talking about the consistent, never smudged, always glowing rim of shimmer framing her eyes. Apparently, Lively's makeup artist, Amy Tagliamonti, rims the top and bottom lash lines using a liner brush and a gold shadow like Stila's Eyeshadow ($18) in Kitten. After adding an extra dot in the inner corner, she uses a cream shimmer shadow like Jemma Kidd's Stardust Crème Shadow ($18) in Comet, blending it out from the upper and lower lash lines, so Lively looks like she's been lit by "candlelight."
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    Most Surprising Tips

    Lustig was thrilled to learn the paper towel trick suggested by hair stylist Adir Abergel, the man responsible for Kate Beckinsale's killer locks. He suggests patting your hair dry with Bounty Paper Towels ($4) instead of a towel to prevent even the slightest possibility of frizz. But we were most surprised by the idea that denture-whitening tablets could feature into our beauty routine.

    This tip is particularly timely given the craze for nail polish: if your nails are yellowing from too much polish, Lustig suggests soaking them in a bowl of warm water with a tablet, like Polident ($6), to turn them white again in minutes.
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    Best Drugstore Finds

    Lustig will buy everything from foundation to skincare at the drugstore. Her shopping list includes RoC's Resurfacing Pads--"They mimic the results of a professional microdermabrasion at home and they are only $9.99!"--and L'Oreal's True Match ($9) Foundation. Using a foundation brush, she says, is key to making a painted face look natural, not the product itself.

    Another score, Lustig says, is Goody's Heat Flash Dry Blow Dryer ($36.99). That's about a third of the price of a professional dryer and, Lustig says, is actually made by the same manufacturer as the high-end versions you'll find in a salon. "It's genius and a serious time saver," she says. "It dries my hair in four minutes and leaves it super shiny."
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    The Number-One Beauty Question

    After researching Clinique's Even Better Eyes ($39.50), we weren't surprised to hear the number-one question Lustig's asked about beauty: "How can I get rid of dark circles and under-eye bags?"

    The editor's a fan of tubing mascara, like L'Oreal Paris Double Extend Beauty Tubes Mascara ($10.95), since the product won't smudge under your eyes. But she also suggests using an antihistamine like Allegra and looking to your kitchen for de-puffing products. "Using compresses made from frozen Jell-O squares or chilled black tea bags are great if you're really swollen," she says. And who doesn't want an excuse to eat leftover Jell-O?
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