Everything You Need to Know About Face Oil

Everything You Need to Know About Face Oil
"I really think the American market is so scared of oil," says Teen Vogue's Beauty Director, Eva Chen. Oil, she continues, is the big bad word of the skin care industry and the idea of putting it on your face, well, it sounds kind of crazy. But over the past year or two, thanks in large part to Linda Rodin's groundbreaking Olio Lusso, the idea of trading in your cream moisturizer for a deliciously scented oil has become slightly more acceptable. Its growing popularity, however, doesn't make it any less scary.
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    What's the difference between moisturizing with an oil versus a cream?

    "It's a personal preference whether you want to use an oil versus a cream," says Dr. Jaliman, the dermatologist behind Rachel Bilson's glowing skin and the author of Skin Rules. "Some people like the consistency of oil more than a cream or lotion, but it's just a different delivery system for moisture." Check labels for jojoba, macadamia, avocado, and almond oil, all of which are in Jurlique's Skin Balancing Face Oil ($50). (There's even marshmallow plant in there!)
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    Why should I use an oil?

    "Oils can revive skin cells and help expedite toxin removal from the tissue," says aesthetician Francesca Paige. "They create a healthy glow through increased blood flow and oxygenation to the cells. Oils can balance, heal, and stimulate the cells as well as increase cell renewal."

    "The main reason to use it is to replenish your skin and get that ethereal glow," adds Chen.

    Sjal's Saphir Concentrate, available in September
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    How do I know which oil is right for my skin?

    The challenge, all four agree, is finding the best formula for your skin. "Ask for samples and use them for a few days to see how the skin reacts," Paige says.

    "It's just a matter of giving it a try and not overdoing it," Chen adds, noting that most brands offer samples to ease the steep learning curve (and, you'll notice, the rather steep prices for most face oils. If used properly, however, a bottle can last a year). "There's an oil for every skin type; it's trial and error, the same as any moisturizer."
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    What if I have oily skin?

    "There's a misconception that you can't use oil if you have oily skin, that it will make you break out, but it can actually really balance your skin," notes Chen. "My skin looks happier and replenished. So much skin care in this day and age is about stripping and the skin just really tends to love oils." The editor recommends Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil ($50), which is specially formulated for oily skin.
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    Why is everyone talking about Olio Lusso?

    "The person who really ushered in face oils was Linda Rodin; she created this natural, beautiful product that really worked and didn't sacrifice eco-consciousness," Chen says. "People thought a product had to be super high-tech or have sci-fi-level ingredients for it to work; that's just not true."

    "I've had testimonials from girls who have major acne and don't want to leave the house who say, 'I just can't thank you enough,'" Rodin says. "I would never say it clears your acne or makes you look 20--but my theory is that my stuff makes your skin the best it can be naturally, and that's really all anything can do."

    Rodin Olio Lusso ($150)
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