The Many Hairstyles of Miley Cyrus

The Many Hairstyles of Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus announced that she’s over her rebellious pixie haircut on E! Fashion Police last night. “I'm secretly tugging on it every night and taking Viviscal. I'm not going to lie,” she said, “But I'm going to rock it while I have it.”

Not even a year ago, Cyrus said that she’d never sport long hair again but her hair stylist, Chris McMillan, confirmed her change of heart: “We're growing it out. Up and over is the new direction. We're keeping it short on the sides and back until the top gets longer,” he says. “Very Madonna first album cover.”

Madonna’s hair on the cover of her eponymous album wasn’t much longer than Miley’s now, still a long way from the length Cyrus used to rock—but if her love of extensions tells us anything, it’s that she’s not afraid to cheat a little bit. We’re taking a look back at the evolution of Cyrus’ hair for clues about what’s to come.

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    January, 2006

    Miley Cyrus was introduced to the press in Southern California months before Hannah Montana premiered on The Disney Channel. She was 14, wholesome, and when it comes to hair—well, let’s be honest, you’re probably more interested in Billy Ray’s sweet honey-colored locks.

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    March, 2007

    A little over a year later, Cyrus had caught the extension fever hitting Hollywood. Her rich brown hair looked healthy and shiny.

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    June, 2007

    Cyrus was already experimenting with alter-egos in 2007, throwing on a blonde wig (foreshadowing!) whenever it was time to perform as Hannah Montana, but sticking to darker locks off-stage.

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    January, 2008

    Cyrus appeared to be inching toward that preordained Disney rebellion at the Hollywood premier of Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus. It’s subtle—dark, kinky curls and a smudge of black eyeliner—but it’s there!

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    June, 2010

    Her hair never looked more Hollywood than it did at Spain’s Rock in Rio festival, but Cyrus started to ditch her clothes, a precursor to the midriff-baring, Mohawk-donning look on the horizon.

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    April, 2011

    For a split second, Cyrus went Disney again, letting her natural red back into her hair and embracing the barrel curl.

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    January, 2012

    Two thousand and twelve was a big year for Cyrus’ hair. First, she ditched her extensions and went ombre. At the People’s Choice Awards, she faked an undercut, slicking everything back on one side—not quite rocker status, but a step in that direction.

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    March, 2012

    And then boom! Cyrus debuted her newly shorn locks alongside her new favorite item of clothing—a crop top—at the LA premiere of The Hunger Games.

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    September, 2012

    Six months later, Cyrus debuted an almost totally shaved, platinum ‘do at the MTV Video Music Awards. Her daring new look earned the attention of the fashion world.

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    May, 2013

    Praise was heaped upon Cyrus for properly honoring the theme of this year’s Met Gala, Punk: Chaos to Couture. With blonde spikes extending from her dark roots and a custom-made mesh gown from Marc Jacobs, Cyrus couldn’t have looked more like a punk princess.

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    August, 2013

    Cyrus joined boyfriend Liam Hemsworth at the premiere of his new film Paranoia earlier this month. Her hair was both cool and polished—a look she’s rocked better than anyone. Sure, we’ll be sad to see the pixie go, but we’d be lying if we didn’t admit we’re excited about Miley’s upcoming Madonna moment.

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