The de-puffing eye serums that really work

The de-puffing eye serums that really work

Puffy eyes and dark circles call for a quick fix, so we supplied our staff with 10 eye rollers and encouraged them to stay up late. What happened when they put the de-puffing formulas to the test in the morning? Click through for their thoughts.

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    Clinique All About Eyes Serum De-Puffing Eye Massage ($28)

    Clinique’s roller won over Editorial Assistant Kat Collings instantly, thanks to the soothing and de-puffing caffeine-filled formula. “It has a cooling effect which feels really refreshing in the morning,” she says. “It made my eyes look much more alert!”

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    Chantecaille Nano Gold Energizing Eye Serum ($210)

    Chantecaille’s roller delivers a cocktail of anti-aging stem cells and peptides—but does it help puffy eyes? “If I had to carry an eye cream on the go, it'd be this because it's sleek and the packaging is amazing,” Beauty Director Britt Aboutaleb says. “It feels great to rub your eyes with a gold applicator every night!”

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    Estee Lauder Idealist Cooling Eye Illuminator ($62)

    Looking for something illuminating? “This formula lightly camouflages dark circles, while noticeably de-puffing my eyes,” Co-Founder and Editorial Director Hillary Kerr says. “Best of all, it doesn't cake or crease in fine lines the way some illuminators do.”

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    Garnier Nutritionista Skin Renew Daily Eye Roller ($11)

    Garneir’s formula has caffeine, mint, and chestnut extract to beat fluid retention. “I swear by Clinque’s Eye Serum, but this one is just as effective!” Associate Beauty Editor Lexy Lebsack says. “The metal ball releases just the right amount of serum and it made my eyes look rested--I’ll be storing it in my fridge for an extra kick.”

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    Biotherm Aquasource Eye Perfection ($31)

    “When I didn’t see results right after using this roller I assumed the cool-looking gadget was more fashion than function,” Editor Tiffany Tse says. “But 10 minutes later my dark under-eye circles had faded!” Tse can thank the gel’s thermal plankton and amino acids.

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    Aveeno Smart Essentials Anti-Fatigue Eye Treatment ($12)

    Art Director Liz Higgins put the antioxidant blend in Aveeno’s roller to the test on an early morning. Her thoughts? “It made me feel like I looked a lot more awake and I really like the cooling sensation.”

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    Lumene Vitamin C+ Anti-Puffiness Eye Roll-On Serum ($20)

    “This one has three tiny rollerballs instead of just one, so it feels like you're giving your face a massage,” Aboutaleb says. Those tiny rollers deliver brightening vitamin C and extracts, but the best part? “I noticed an immediate decrease in puffiness!”

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    Armani Regenessence Eye Rejuvenating Serum ($80)

    “Let's say you ate a little too much salt last night— or drank one too many dirty martinis—and you wake up with puffy eyes. This caffeinated serum will have you looking fresh ASAP,” Kerr says. “Plus, the metal tip is truly cooling and soothing.”

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    Juice Beauty Stem Cellular Repair Eye Treatment ($45)

    “I like that this one’s natural and full of antioxidants, but I didn’t notice a reduction in puffiness,” Lebsack says. “However, the wand does make applying the cream incredibly precise.”

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    Shu Uemura Roll-Away Instant Eye Fatigue Corrector ($26)

    “What I love most about this rollerball was its cooling effect, which instantly woke me up,” Tse says. “Plus, a few minutes later I looked far more refreshed!” Bonus? The package comes with instructions to give yourself a mini shiatsu massage.

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    Chantecaille Nano Gold Energizing Eye Serum ($210)

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