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The Best Red Nail Polishes--Ever

  • The Best Red Nail Polishes--Ever
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  • Most Vibrant
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  • Nail Color
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    Power calls Essie’s Nail Color ($9) in Snap Happy the best vibrant red she’s ever tried. “It’s the absolute perfect orange-y red that looks equally good in spring and fall,” she says.

  • Best Classic Red
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  • Vernis Nail Lacquer
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    Every girl needs a classic red in her nail kit. Power gives this award to Dior’s Vernis Nail Lacquer ($24) in Rouge 999. “A bit deeper and bluer than all the rest, this one will stand the test of time,” she says.

  • Longest Lasting Red
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  • Nail Lacquer
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    If you’re like Power, you can’t stand chips in your nail polish. For a tried-and-true shade that will withstand a busy week without moving, she uses OPI’s Nail Lacquer ($9) in Monsooner or Later. “OPI’s thick formula is the longest-lasting polish of the bunch,” Power says.

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  • Lounge Nail Polish
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    “Not too orange, not too red—it’s the perfect true red,” Power says about Rescue Beauty Lounge’s hue.

There isn’t a single girl in the Byrdie offices who doesn’t love a classic red nail polish, but our co-founder, Katherine Power, is the reigning expert on the subject. Her fingers are regularly painted an enviable shade of red, from classic apple to cheery poppy—and always free of chips! Which hues does she swear by? Click through our slideshow for the four lacquers that have earned a permanent place in her medicine cabinet.

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