7 Thanksgiving Foods That Are Actually Great for Your Skin

Lindsey Metrus

When team Byrdie thinks of Thanksgiving, three things come to mind: family, food, and elastic waistbands. But we'd be remiss if we didn't also consider the beauty aspect of Thanksgiving (there is one, aside from creamy whipped potatoes and pie, of course).

Within the delicious buffet you'll eat tomorrow are vitamins and nutrients that actually help make your skin glow and look more beautiful. Crazy, right? A historically glutenous meal will fortify our complexions. (But before you overindulge at the table, also keep in mind this guideline for not testing the limits of that elastic too much.)

To learn more about the foods that double as skin elixirs, we spoke with Muscle Milk’s nutrition expert, Tricia Griffin. Keep reading and plate-map wisely tomorrow.

What about the foods Griffin would advise against? "Though dark chocolate and red wine do contain certain phytonutrients that are associated with skin benefits, too much of either can have a negative impact as well," she tells us. "Chocolate is high in fat and sugar, and alcohol can lead to health issues and can be dehydrating, so moderation is key." Dairy can also lead to inflammation and breakouts, so consider substituting the milk, cream, and cheese in your favorite dishes with vegan options, or focus on protein-rich and plant-based foods instead.

What's your favorite Thanksgiving dish? Does it fall on this list? Tell us below!

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