We Asked You to Share One Thing You've Done for Your Health Today

Katharine McEntee


Sometimes it feels like life gets away from us. And while it can be hard to take a moment for ourselves, it’s essential for our health that we do. After all, if we don’t take care of ourselves how can we be expected fulfill our day-to-day responsibilities? In the spirit of International Women’s History month, we reached out to our lovely Instagram followers and Facebook group, The Beauty Line, to ask the following question: “What’s one thing you did today to take charge of your health, mental or physical?” Much to our delight, we received a slew of inspiring responses. From taking yoga classes to shutting down your computer during lunchtime, our readers were chock-full of recommendations and daily self-care tips. For a little “me time” motivation (you deserve some R&R), we’ve compiled the seven different ways our readers take charge of their mental and physical health. Keep reading for their creative suggestions.

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