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We Found the Key to Suki Waterhouse's Heart

  • We Found the Key to Suki Waterhouse's Heart
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  • Suki Waterhouse Romance
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    Though she might not remember proper gifts, Waterhouse does remember the most romantic gesture she’s ever experienced. “Years ago, someone drove across the country while it was snowing to hang out, nearly crashed, and cried twice,” she says. Also, when in doubt, serve your crush a meal. “Food is always good!”

  • Suki Waterhouse Song
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    Dear whoever is lucky enough to serve Waterhouse dinner tomorrow night, we suggest playing her current favorite song: “Weak” by Skunk Anansie. “I can’t stop listening to it, power ballad!”

  • Suki Waterhouse Skydiving
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  • Suki Waterhouse Mascara
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    Waterhouse’s pre-date routine is simple: she sprays perfume behind her ears and wrists, wears her hair down (and clean!), and favors “nice glowing skin and a lick of mascara.”

  • Lip Mist
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    If she is going to wear a lip, it’s Buberry’s Lip Mist ($30) in Rosy Red.

  • Suki Waterhouse Marianne Faithful
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    Bonus tip? Her beauty icon is Marianne Faithful in The Girl on a Motorcycle, so if you really want to sweep Waterhouse off her feet, wrap a bow around a Harley and have it waiting for her post-skydive. Then she’ll always have an answer to, “What’s the best Valentine’s Day gift you’ve ever received?”

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Suki Waterhouse, the British actress, model, and newest face of Burberry, “honestly can’t think of a memorable” Valentine’s Day gift that she’s received in her 22 years. So here’s where you should pay attention—if you really love someone, she says, you’ll gift them one of two things: “Burberry Brit Rhythm Fragrance ($70), or a skydiving trip.”

The rest of her thoughts on Valentine’s Day, above.

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