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Treat Yourself Like A Stella McCartney Model

  • Treat Yourself Like A Stella McCartney Model
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  • Ceramic Slip Cleanser
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    Use a hot washcloth to open your pores (let it steam for a minute) before applying Sunday Riley’s Ceramic Slip Cleanser ($45). Don’t rinse it off!

  • Good Genes
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    Layer the brand’s Good Genes ($105) on top; the lactic acid exfoliates and plumps the skin while licorice brightens, squalene moisturizes, and arnica boosts circulations.

  • Face Oils
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    This spring, Riley will introduce three new face oils to her stable of skincare products. At yesterday’s show, she sealed in all the good stuff mentioned above with Artemis ($125), a lemon-scented formula that’s anti-inflammatory and cleanses, tones, balances oily skin, increases elasticity, and actually fights aging by helping the body produce immune cells.

Chanel’s runway shows usually boast inspiring eye makeup while Dolce & Gabbana loves a red lip, but Stella McCartney’s? The best thing about the British designer’s models is their skin. The consistently fresh-faced girls have Sunday Riley, the beloved British facialist, to thank for their dewy complexions.

At Monday’s McCartney presentation in New York, Riley gave each girl a mini-spa treatment pre-show. If she can do that amidst the hustle and bustle of backstage, you can certainly do it at home. Here’s how.

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