Exclusive: Stacy Keibler's Tips For Staying Fit While Pregnant

Exclusive: Stacy Keibler's Tips For Staying Fit While Pregnant
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To say Stacy Keibler is dedicated to fitness would be an understatement, at best. Exercise is an essential activity for the actress and TV host, and now that she’s expecting her first child this summer, staying fit and healthy has never been more important to her. So what’s Keibler’s secret to looking so good? We asked the mom-to-be to share her tips and tricks exclusively with Byrdie.

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    When asked how her fitness routine has changed since becoming pregnant, Keibler is clear. “I make sure I only do low impact moves and cardio,” she says. “I do a lot of walking and hiking. It helps to keep my lower body (calves, quads, hamstrings, and glutes) toned.”

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    “My favorite exercise is the Side Leg Spring on the Pilates Cadillac,” Keibler says.  “It keeps my legs tight, toned, and flexible.” The model also raves about the Roll Down move on the Cadillac machine, which helps stretch your back and tight hamstrings. 

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    How does Keibler keep up her strength with a growing belly? “Pilates is my strength training,” she says. “My teacher, Nonna Gleyzer, is always changing the resistance of the springs so my body stays challenged.”

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    Keibler’s tip for the busy mom on the go is a kneeling push up. “It’s a quick exercise (that is also safe), is great for the upper body, and works your abs.”

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    What should pregnant women avoid when working out? According to Keibler, you shouldn’t push yourself too hard. “The key is moderation and a happy medium,” she says. In other words: give your most rigorous fitness routine a break for nine months. 

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    Participating in some kind of daily activity isn’t the only thing keeping Keibler so fit! “I eat very clean,” she says. “My favorite snacks are things that I can carry on the go, something that I can keep in my purse, like Elemental Raw Granola Bars, Braggs’ Ginger Spice and Limeade Apple Cider Vinegar drinks, FloBars, and homemade organic trail mix. 

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    Take a peak at the mom-to-be’s iPod during a workout and you’ll find her friend Zen Freemna’s Shark Attack Dreamin’ Summer 2014 Mix on repeat. 

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    Of course, it’s important to look good while working out, too! Keilber’s go-to is maternity brand Ingrid and Isabel. “I love their leggings, because they fit over growing bellies and are very stretchy.”

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