Spring's Full of Delicious New Scents

Spring's Full of Delicious New Scents

It’s not that spring’s new scents don’t smell divine--they do--it’s that their bottles are so beautiful we want all of them. And since fragrance, unlike skincare and makeup, is usually displayed on your vanity (or elsewhere outside your medicine cabinet), you can actually judge these books by their covers. Happily, each bottle’s contents matches its facade: Balenciaga’s classic glass vessel and pink perfume is full of rose notes, Dries Van Noten by Frederic Malle’s streamlined cylinder matches the brand’s reputation as well as the rich scent, and Kate Spade New York’s Live Colorfully is as girly as the gold bow implies.

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    Balenciaga L’Eau Rose Eau de Toilette ($90)
    According to the brand, their new scent is a “scintillating and youthful fragrance that captures the sophistication of Balenciaga Paris with an enticing floral musk.”
    Notes: Black pepper, rose pepper, violet, cedar, patchouli, vetiver
    What to Expect: Sexy, rich, and dense, but just fresh and floral enough to be warm weather-appropriate--one of our favorites of the bunch.

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    Diptyque L’eau de 34 ($135)
    In celebration of the brand’s 50th anniversary, their newest unisex scent smells like their iconic Paris store at 34 Boulevard Saint Germain.
    Notes: Bitter orange, grapefruit, tuberose, fig leaves, white musk, cedar wood
    What to Expect: The perfume really does smell like the inside of a Diptyque store--a laundry list of their best scents mixed together--but is light enough for a spring day thanks to the sharp citrus notes.

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    Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh Sunshine ($78)
    Bright, colorful, and radiant, Marc Jacobs’ latest scent “captures the essence of summer with a carefree spirit and joyous playfulness,” says the brand.
    Notes: Pink grapefruit, strawberry, rose, violet, jasmine, amber wood
    What to Expect: Fruity, floral, and youthful, we’d wear this scent to an outdoor brunch or shower.

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    YSL Manifesto Eau de Parfum ($82)
    Jessica Chastain is the face of YSL’s newest scent, which was designed for a “woman who believes in intuition, audacity, and desire,” according to the brand.
    Notes: Jasmine, sensual woods, lily of the valley, green notes
    What to Expect: Vanilla, jasmine, and musk come together to make this warm and sexy scent perfect for a balmy summer night.

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    Calvin Klein ck one Summer Eau de Parfum ($50)
    The summer version of Calvin Klein’s iconic ck one, this limited-edition unisex scent is wonderfully light, refreshing, and inspired by the ocean.
    Notes: Cucumber, watermint, light wood, watermelon, zesty citrus
    What to Expect: Light and beachy, this reminds us of Bobbi Brown’s Beach Body Oil ($30), but we’d wear it on non-beach days too!

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    Dolce & Gabbana Desire Eau de Parfum ($93)
    According to Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana, everything starts with desire--including their newest scent--an oriental and warm addition to their current collection.
    Notes: Tuberose, plum, caramel, vanilla, musk, mandarin
    What to Expect: Sweet florals and a slight spiciness liven up the warmth of musk and vanilla beautifully, but like the seductive name and bottle implies, it’s a nighttime perfume.

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    Kate Spade New York Live Colorfully Eau de Parfum ($95)
    To punctuate their 20th anniversary, Kate Spade’s newest scent is clean, girly, and very bright--just like the brand’s clothing and accessories.
    Notes: Mandarin, pink water lily, gardenia, vanilla, amber, coconut water
    What to Expect: Slightly beachy and very fresh, this scent is a balance between florals, fruit, and vanilla without being juvenile.

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    Dries Van Noten by Frederic Malle ($185- $265)
    The first in a new series of collaborations between perfumer Frederic Malle and various artists, designers, and tastemakers, this “modern oriental” captures the essence of Dries Van Noten.
    Notes: Sandalwood, vanilla, patchouli, saffron, jasmine
    What to Expect: Exotic, warm, sensual, and slightly spicy, we’d wear this perfume everywhere, all the time.

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    Kate Spade New York Live Colorfully Eau de Parfum ($95)

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    Calvin Klein ck one Summer Eau de Parfum ($50)

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    Dolce & Gabbana Desire Eau de Parfum ($93)

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    Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh Sunshine ($78)

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    Diptyque L'eau de 34 ($135)

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    Balenciaga L'Eau Rose Eau de Toilette ($90)

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    Frederic Malle Dries Van Noten ($185-265)

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