What's New In Hair Removal for Spring?

What's New In Hair Removal for Spring?

Now that the sun is coming out and the temperatures are rising, we can’t wait to get our summer dresses out of the closet. One thing we’re not looking forward to? Staying on top of hair removal. Luckily, there have been a few recent advances determined to improve upon that less-than-glamorous process. Above, you’ll find details about the latest products, plus some new advice for the more old-fashioned methods.

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    The Sensitive Skin Razor

    You already know about Schick’s Quattro Trim Style ($13), the razor and bikini trimmer that you can take into the shower with you, but have you tried the brand’s new Hydro Silk Sensitive Care Razor ($14)? Its blades are surrounded by a hypoallergenic serum that results in less irritation and more post-shave hydration.

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    The Wax To Ask For

    While you might have resigned yourself to grin and bare it at the waxing salon, there are steps you can take to make the experience a little less painful. Have you tried hard wax? It is gentler than soft wax, so ask what type your esthetician uses beforehand. Also, popping a pain reliever like Advil or Tylenol about an hour before the appointment can reduce the ouch factor.

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    The To-Go Razor

    Gillette’s new Venus Snap Embrace Razor ($13) is the answer to your beach getaway hair-removal prayers. The compact handle fits any Venus cartridge, so you get the same instant smoothness, but fits into a palm-sized case, so you can squeeze it into even the most stuffed suitcase. Plus, it’s just the cutest razor we’ve ever seen.

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    This could be the last summer you waste valuable beach time taking care of your body hair. Before you start fake tanning or spending any time in the sun—skin that has a tan doesn’t respond as well to the treatment—find a reputable practitioner and get a consultation for laser hair removal. After just a few treatments, you’ll notice a significant reduction in growth, as the laser actually prevents your follicles from growing new hair. To get the lowdown on the entire process, from preparation to maintenance, check out our beginner’s guide.

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    The Multipurpose Moisturizer

    Moisturizer is a crucial post-hair removal step. It replenishes your skin after shaving and soothes after waxing or laser. Whish’s Shave Savour Hair Inhibiting Gel Moisturizer ($26) uses organic aloe and shea butter to moisturize, but its key ingredient is chaparral extract, a natural ingredient that actually slows hair regrowth so that you can go longer without another treatment.

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