6 Realistic Ways to Spring-Clean Your Makeup Bag

Lindsey Metrus

When we say it’s time to spring-clean your makeup bag, we’re not trying to be kitschy. The thing is, when warmer weather rolls around, most of the products you’ve been holding onto since the holidays or—gasp!—earlier then need to be given the boot. And that’s not only because heavier winter formulas aren’t doing your skin a favor in warm temperatures, but also because expired makeup is just asking for an infection (we know). So to help make the process of cleaning, so to speak, your cosmetic bag a bit easier, we turned to a few top makeup artists and skincare experts to ensure that your beauty look this season is both on trend and health concious. Keep scrolling to learn more!

Ed. note: Quotes have been edited for content.

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Opening Image: Citrine Natural Skin

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