Tested: The Best Sunscreens to Wear With Makeup

Victoria Hoff

Isabella Behravan

It's the age-old summer beauty dilemma that no one should have to contemplate: Do I skip sun protection in the name of lasting makeup, or do I slather on SPF only to have my face slide off by 1 p.m.? 

The real answer: neither. With such a vast array of makeup-friendly SPF formulas (or better yet, makeup with sun protection built right in), saving face in the dead heat of summer has never been easier. But which products outperform the rest? Keep reading to see our tried-and-true favorites.


To ensure that a full face of makeup stays put—even when exposed to July heat and humidity—it's all about that base. Swipe on one of these SPF formulas before anything else.


Make your foundation work overtime by choosing a product with built-in protection—oh, and since it's summer, let's make sure it's lightweight and shine-proof, too.

Finishing Touches

Setting powders with an extra dose of protection? An SPF balm that doubles as a highlighter? This is where things take a turn for the innovative.

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