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19 Inspiring Short Haircuts That Will Make You Want a Serious Chop

  • 19 Inspiring Short Haircuts That Will Make You Want a Serious Chop
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    Photo: Pinterest
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    Photo: Pinterest

    Long bangs are the perfect contrast to a blunt bob.

  • Two
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    Photo: Pinterest

    Wispy bangs in an eyebrow-length cut blend seamlessly into a textured bob.

  • Three
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    Photo: Pinterest

    Go ‘60s mod by adding baby bangs to your pixie.

  • Four
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    Photo: Pinterest

    Natalie Portman looked fabulous with a shaved head, but if you’re not up for going bald, try her cropped pixie instead.

  • Five
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    Photo: Pinterest

    Kate Moss’ tousled look brings this style from soccer mom to supermodel.

  • Six
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    Photo: Pinterest

    Not all bobs need layers. This one length, chin-grazing cut still packs a punch.

  • Seven
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    Photo: Pinterest

    We’re loving this borrowed-from-the-boys cut.

  • Eight
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    Photo: Pinterest

    Sleek styling and clean lines make for a chic street style.

  • Nine
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    Photo: Pinterest

    Sienna Miller mastered the phase between the grown out Edie Sedgwick and messy bob.

  • Ten
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    Photo: Pinterest

    Take advantage of a shorter style to show off some statement jewelry…

  • Eleven
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    Photo: Pinterest

    …or to go totally minimal.

  • Twelve
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    Photo: Pinterest

    Love the hair in this shot but not ready to take the plunge? It’s actually a faux-bob created by hairstylist Chris McMillan!

  • Thirteen
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    Photo: Pinterest

    Straight doesn’t have to be boring! A sleek texture accentuates the face-framing layers of this cut.

  • Fourteen
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    Photo: Pinterest

    Lily Collins’ textured bob is perfect for those of us with unruly locks.

  • Fifteen
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    Photo: Pinterest

    Instead of battling with a bang grow out, embrace the length and create a faux-side bang.

  • Sixteen
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    Photo: Pinterest

    Side bangs that hit near the temple accentuate cheekbones and balance a heart shaped face.

  • Seventeen
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    Photo: Pinterest

    These piecey bangs can be pushed to the side, to create a layered look, or parted in the middle for a sleeker finish.

  • Eighteen
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    Photo: Pinterest

    Need we go on about our love for the ‘90s swoosh?

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    Photo: Pinterest

    If a cut alone doesn’t feel daring enough, take a cue from Karlie Kloss in Interview magazine and pair it with a bright-blonde color.

When we posted our last haircut inspiration guide—nine inspiring haircuts for every length—we had an overwhelming large number of people asking why we left off super short styles. Little did they know—thanks to Jennifer Lawrence, Karlie Kloss, Beyonce, and all the other tastemakers that have gone chopped their locks over the past year—cuts above the chin garnered their own guide entirely! May we present the fruits of our Pinterest research: the 19 most inspiring short haircuts to take with you to the salon!

Click through our slideshow for the best short cuts try!

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