Exclusive: Shailene Woodley's All-Natural Divergent Premiere Beauty Look

Exclusive: Shailene Woodley's All-Natural Divergent Premiere Beauty Look
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Don’t let her statement eye and bold lip fool you: Shailene Woodley’s Divergent premiere beauty look is as natural as it gets. “We only use products that follow Shailene’s values,” makeup artist Roxy told us about her makeup at last night’s New York premiere. That includes cruelty-free, natural, and organic products from a range of brands the actress swears by. The beauty look, on the other hand, is all about experimentation.

“The inspiration we pulled was Audrey Hepburn, but we wanted to make it stronger by defining her eyes with shadow,” Roxy told us. “We base everything on how Shailene feels, not on trends. It’s all about her mood.” That mood gave way to a red-orange lip, dewy skin, and a modern cat eye. Click through for the details to get her look at home.

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    “We don’t overhydrate Shailene’s skin” Roxy told us. Instead, the actress prefers Caudalie’s Beauty Elixir ($49) to prep her face for makeup. “It wakes up your skin and give that perfect texture for makeup,” Roxy says.

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    To keep Woodley’s skin “young and fresh,” Roxy opted for CC cream instead of foundation. She blended Physicians Formula 100% Natural Origin CC Cream ($15) all over the actress’ skin with Chanel’s Foundation Brush No. 6 ($45).

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    Next, Roxy reached for 100 Percent’s Pure Fruit Pigmented Brightening Concealer ($19). “You can use this anywhere you want to brighten your skin,” she told us. “I used it under Shailene’s eyes and through the center of her face.” To keep her skin radiant, skip powder! “I just use oil blotting papers,” Roxy says about the brand’s Anti-Bacteria Wood Pulp Blotting Papers ($8). “It leaves the skin dewy, but not shiny.”

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    “I contoured Shailene’s cheeks with bronzer and a tapered brush, “ Roxy says. “Concentrate the color under your cheekbones.” She used Physicans Formula Natural Wear Bronzer ($14).

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    The trick to Woodley’s natural flush? “Apply the color high on the cheekbones, closer to your temples,” Roxy told us. Follow her lead and apply Tarte’s Cheek Stain ($30) in Blissful to your cheeks with a natural-hair brush and swirling motions. “A natural flush balances a strong lip and eye,” Roxy says.

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    For a contoured look, Roxy reached for 100 Percent Pure Fruit Pigmented Eye Shadow ($17) in Golden Honey and Fruit Pigmented Satin Eye Shadow ($17) in Halo and Tahiti. She used the former on the center of Woodley’s lid to make her eyes look bigger, Halo on the inner corners of her eyes for brightness, and Tahiti to define her crease.

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    Roxy brushed Woodley’s brows in place with a clean spooley brush, then handed Physicians Formula CC Curl + Care Mascara ($10) in Black to the actress. “Shailene loves to put on her own mascara,” Roxy told us.

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    Like her mascara, Woodley applies her own lipstick for events. “It’s a time for her to connect with the look so she can own it,” Roxy says. She used Tarte’s Glamazon Pure Performance 12-Hour Lipstick ($26) in Fierce.

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