A Celebration of the World's Sexiest Man Hair

A Celebration of the World's Sexiest Man Hair

Men have commanded more attention than usual on the red carpet over the past few years—shout out to Tom Ford—but no one’s caused a splash quite like Jared Leto, currently dominating the award show circuit thanks to his role in Dallas Buyers Club. Maybe it’s because the generation currently running the internet grew up lusting after Leto’s Jordan Catalano on My So-Called Life. Maybe it’s because he hasn’t aged. Maybe it’s because of his impossibly perfect hair. In the off chance it’s the latter, we’re going to go ahead and celebrate Leto and his fellow long-haired hunks in the above slideshow. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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    Before there was Liam, there was Chris. The eldest Hemsworth brother grew out his expertly highlighted blonde hair to play Thor, sporting a string of ponytails, man buns, and bob-like ‘dos over the course of the two-part series (plus The Avengers).

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    It’s just totally unfair that such luscious locks should be given to such a handsome man. Don’t get us wrong, we love his sister’s (The Kills’ Allison Mosshart) hair, too, but his Titian-like curls are inimitable.

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    Brad Pitt’s always favored a shaggy do, but this Esquire shoot from last summer struck a happy balance between Legends of the Fall-Brad and Oceans 12-Brad.

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    Best Original Score isn’t usually the hottest award at the Golden Globes, but there was a collective gasp when Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes’ Alex Ebert accepted the award last month. His simultaneously mussed and shiny topknot was inspiring.

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    While his wife keeps recording and having cute skater kids, Gavin Rossdale’s taken to spending more and more time on the tennis court. He’s still pulling off the streaky highlights and mini bun he made look so hot twenty years ago.

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    His hair might be quarterback short now, but there was a wonderful time during which Gisele’s handsome husband miraculously made a slicked-back bob look sexy (we’re referring to spring 2011).

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    Leto had the best up-do at the Golden Globes, hands down.

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    Joaquin Phoenix might not have scored an Oscar nod for his role in Her, but he’s never had trouble scoring a real life girlfriend—thanks in no small part to his glorious head of hair.

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    Before Jared Leto’s Golden Globes hair, there was David Beckham. The soccer star spent a few months sporting a man bun, both on and off the field, before returning to his usual dapper cut.

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    Are you watching Sons of Anarchy yet? Meet Charlie Hunnam and his improbably great bob—the only reason you need.

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