Sea of Shoes Blogger Jane Aldridge Talks Guy Bourdin, Elnett, and the importance of a red lip.

Sea of Shoes Blogger Jane Aldridge Talks Guy Bourdin, Elnett, and the importance of a red lip.
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Jane Aldrige might have made a name for herself modeling the season’s hottest shoes—paired with her stellar style—on her Dallas-based blog, Sea of Shoes, but it’s the stylish blogger’s Guy Bourdin-inspired fiery mane, expert cat eye, and consistently brilliant use of red-orange lipstick that’s held our attention over the years.

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    “Guy Bourdin’s photography inspired my red—I love the ‘70s,” Aldridge says of her signature mane. “I use Prisma dye in between hair appointments to keep it vibrant.” She mixes Vivitone’s Prisma Ammonia-Free Hair Color ($6) in Orange and Red into Kevin Murphy’s Young Again Hair Masque ($37).

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    "I'm totally hair-obsessed and use myself as a guinea pig for all kinds of crazy techniques,” says Aldridge. “I even bought an old-fashioned roll around hooded dryer I keep in my closet; I use foam rollers, hot rollers, double prong tongs, pin curls, and bendy sticks.” Her current favorite? Hot rollers! Use Caruso’s Professional Pro-Steam Hairsetter ($50) to score retro waves.

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    “Diane Von Furstenburg is a great beauty who shows that sexy is ageless,” Aldridge says of her personal beauty icon, before name-checking her mom. “She’s the most beautiful person I know, her sense of humor and love of life are the most beautiful part about her!”

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    Aldridge’s favorite scent, Commes des Garcons’ Wonderwood ($125), complements her very ladylike makeup routine. “It’s very masculine,” she says of the peppery sandalwood scent.

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    The only makeup you’ll see atop Aldridge’s voluminous lashes is a flick of liquid liner. “My favorite is from Japan—K-Pallette One Day Tattoo Liner ($16),” she says. “The trick is in the angling; I prefer a steady straight line extending up gradually so I lightly plot the line and then fill it in!”

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    Eyeliner isn’t the only thing Aldrige has picked up in Asia: “In Seoul I learned a trick from a makeup artist to brighten pale skin: put a thin layer of lavender primer/foundation under your eyes and across your cheekbones.”

    Try e.l.f.’s Mineral Infused Face Primer ($6) or Smashbox’s Photo Finish Color Correcting Foundation Primer ($38).

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    “I'm an orange and red lipstick fanatic,” says Aldridge. “My current favorite is Hourglass’ Extreme Sheen High Shine Lip Gloss ($28) in Siren. Morange ($15) from M.A.C. is another favorite.”

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    Sea of Shoes was born alongside Atlantis Home, the colorful lifestyle site run by Aldridge’s glamorous mom, Judy. The two share shoes, furniture, and skincare products! “I'm using Innarah Skincare and I am a believer in the whole line,” Aldridge says. “My pores look a hundred times better, breakouts are gone, and my skin is so plump!”

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    She might sport the latest Givenchy and Isabel Marant, but Aldridge loves a good drugstore find as much as anyone. Her go-tos? “Vaseline ($5), Maybelline Tattoo Liner ($7), and Elnett Hairspray ($13)!”

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    Maybelline Tattoo Liner ($7)

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    L'Oreal Elnett Hairspray ($13)

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    Vaseline ($5)

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    K-Pallette One Day Tattoo Liner ($16)

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    M.A.C. Lipstick ($15)

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    Comme de Garcons Wonderwood ($125)

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