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The Multipurpose Rouge That Made Me a Cream Blush Convert

The Multipurpose Rouge That Made Me a Cream Blush Convert

As someone with textbook oily skin—blotting papers and setting powder are my makeup bag mainstays—I’ve learned to avoid any product with a creamy consistency. But in an effort to incorporate more natural products into my routine, I’ve been branching out and trying new-for-me formulas and textures. In fact, it was the Environmental Working Groups’ Cosmetic Database that led me to my latest product obsession; a creamy lip and cheek color that has changed the way I think about makeup.

The main ingredient in RMS’ Lip2Cheek ($36) is coconut oil, which normally would have kept me away, but to my surprise, I can’t get enough. The rich coral shade of Promise has a hint of gold and perfectly compliments my olive complexion. Shockingly, the blush’s texture gives my skin a natural finish that because it seems t melt into my skin, rather than sitting on top of it. Translation? It looks much more natural than a powder blush does. Plus, the rich pigmentation means one container will last for months, and best of all, it hydrates without feeling heavy or sticky. If a youthful glow that lasts all day sounds right up your alley, swap out your powder blush and give this formula a try. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

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