Real Talk: Why Some Women Don't Wear Makeup

Lindsey Metrus

It's not a new story: Beginning in middle school, breakouts were the bane of my existence, and becoming acquainted with consistent breakouts was a hard a pill to swallow. Especially after having that baby-soft skin that comes with adolescence, pimples felt like some sort of harsh hazing into preteen reality. As a result, foundation became my best friend; it was my only remedy for hiding my breakouts, and it did the trick. The only problem was that regular foundation use snowballed into the need to wear more makeup products. I can't wear just foundation, I reasoned to myself. As a result, each day, I would also swipe on blush, mascara, and eye shadow to balance out the cakey look of my new liquid skin. To hell with the fact that I was only in the seventh grade. I had needs, people. So started my obsession with makeup (and, later, my dream of becoming a beauty editor).

But that's my reasoning for wearing makeup on a daily basis. What interests me (and many other makeup-wearing aficionados, I presume) are those who actually choose not to wear makeup. Truly, I'm fascinated by this prospect (and jealous that there are women who feel comfortable enough in their own skin to go au naturel). So in true investigative beauty-editor mode, I asked women who don't wear makeup why they choose to rock a natural look. Their answers were totally refreshing and eye-opening.

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What is your stance on cosmetics? Are you a makeup lover, or do you prefer to go au naturel? Tell us below!

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