Your Entire Week Of Hair, Courtesy Of Pinterest

Your Entire Week Of Hair, Courtesy Of Pinterest

It's Sunday night and you start scrolling through Pinterest for a little workweek hair inspiration. Two hours and approximately 500 pins later, you're in a daze, wondering where your evening went (and still have no clue how you're going to style your hair come Monday morning). So you stick with same style that you wear every single day.

But where's the fun in that? Especially when there are thousands of inspiring pins to break you out of your style rut. To save you the countless hours of pinning, we sifted through the styles and put together your perfect week of hair inspiration (you're welcome).

Keep reading to see your entire week of hairstyles!

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    PHOTO: Pinterest


    Ugh, Mondays. Battle the most dreaded day of the week with a voluminous, glossy blowout—get our tips here. Feel like making an extra effort? A headband adds a dash of extra polish.

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    PHOTO: Pinterest


    Beachy waves quickly refresh Monday's blowout (just don't forget the dry shampoo).

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    PHOTO: Tessa Rayanne


    Everything is better with braids. Give a basic low bun a little personality by adding a pretty plait.

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    PHOTO: Happily Grey


    A loose, tousled ponytail looks effortlessly cool when paired with a basic button-up shirt (and it takes just minutes to style, crucial for days when you hit snooze a few too many times).

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    PHOTO: Pinterest


    A sleek ballerina bun is the perfect way to end the workweek. Pin it up in the morning, and shake it out at the end of the day for sexy, tousled waves that will take you straight to happy hour.

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    PHOTO: Pinterest


    It's the weekend, which means 1.) You probably slept in this morning and 2.) Spending time on your hair is probably the last thing you want to do. Gather the remnants of last night’s perfect curls into a low side pony for a messy-chic ‘do, sans shower.

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    PHOTO: Barefoot Blonde


    Combining a regular braid with a fishtail braid is an unexpected twist to this messy-chic look—perfect for impressing your girlfriends at brunch.

    Will you be trying these styles next week? Which one was your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!



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