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Pick a Braid, Any Braid!

Nothing says summer hair like a thick, textured braid. Whether you pin one atop your head like Olivia Palermo, swirl it into a bun like Nicole Kidman, or let your plait swoop to one side a la Brit Marling, any of these will turn second-day hair red carpet-ready.

  • Pick a Braid, Any Braid!
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    Photo: Getty Images
  • Olivia Palermo
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    Photo: Getty Images

    Olivia Palermo pulled two French braids into a low-slung bun at the Pikolinos Gala Dinner.

  • Brit Marling
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    Photo: Getty Images

    Let Brit Marling’s loose slide braid serve as post-beach inspiration. The actress wears hers at a Los Angeles screening of her new film, The East.

  • Nicole Kidman
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    Photo: Getty Images

    Nicole Kidman had a ball with her hair while serving on the jury at Cannes. This look, a swirl of braids piled just above the nape of her neck, was our favorite.

  • Harley Viera-Newton
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    Photo: Billy Farrell Agency

    Traditional Heidi braids, as worn by Harley Viera-Newton at a New York screening of The Great Gatsby, are an easy summer choice.

  • Hayden Panettiere
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    Photo: Startracks

    Use your hair’s natural texture to your advantage, like Hayden Panettiere did at ABC’s upfront party in New York.

  • Jennifer Morrison
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    Photo: Fameflynet

    The key to Jennifer Morrison’s fishtail success, as seen on Extra in Los Angeles, is the flyaways. After you’ve braided your hair, backcomb it from the bottom up, pulling small sections of hair out of the braid as you go.

  • Constance Jablonski
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    Photo: Startraks

    Model Constance Jablonski used her own hair as a headband. Try braiding from the hairline for a sportier, less romantic look.

  • Melanie Laurent
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    Photo: Getty Images

    Melanie Laurent’s French braid at the New York premiere of Now You See Me is actually four French braids woven into one at the back of her head. Tuck the ends underneath for a loose, out-of-the-way up-do.

  • Berenice Bejo
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    Photo: Getty Images

    For a twist on the classic Heidi braids, wrap them around the front of your head, instead of over the top, like Berenice Bejo did at Cannes.

  • Hannah Bronfman
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    Photo: Billy Farrell Agency

    Just want to keep your hair off your face? Use Hannah Bronfman’s technique (as seen at the Tribeca Grand Hotel in New York): make a deep side part, weave a tight French braid across one side toward the opposite ear of origin, and pin the ends behind that ear.

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