Olivia Wilde Talks Natural Skincare, Bright Makeup, and her Must-Have Products

Olivia Wilde Talks Natural Skincare, Bright Makeup, and her Must-Have Products

Given Olivia Wilde’s flawless complexion—not to mention her ongoing gig as one of the faces of Revlon—we didn’t really expect her to admit to an occasionally lax skincare routine. “I try to be really good about washing my face, but I’ve definitely face-planted into my pillow with a full face of makeup,” she says. “You know you’ve really done it when you see mascara smeared all over your nice pillowcase!”

But what about when the actress does wash her face? We asked Wilde, who’s just launched Conscious Commerce, her new fundraising site that’s also a sophisticated shoppable magazine, to share her beauty secrets. Read what the star of the upcoming film Her has to say, above!

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    “I take off my makeup with a few different oils,” Wilde says. She recommends Shu Uemura’s Sublime Beauty Cleansing Oil ($42) and adds, “a natural oil takes it all off really well.”

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    What can’t she leave the house without? Wilde swears by Revlon’s Lip Butters ($7). “They’re really moisturizing, but have the perfect tint—and they stay moisturizing! That’s why they fly off the shelves.”

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    Add Wilde to the list of celebs who stock up on Dr. Bronner’s ($5). “I’ve been using the same hippie shit my whole life,” she says. “It’s the greatest! You can even use it in your hair when you go camping.”

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    “Experimenting is a big part of beauty—it’s the fun part,” Wilde says. “Gucci [Westman] loves color and working with her and Revlon has kind of opened me up and made me want to experiment even more.”

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    Wilde says she’s a romantic when it comes to fragrance. “I have a very sensitive sense of smell and over the years I’ve made my own fragrances.” Earlier this year, however, she was named the face of Avon’s Today. Tomorrow. Always. Fragrance ($35). “It’s sort of sensual,” she says of the perfume. “With a lot of full notes, but not overly sweet.”

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    "I love SoulCycle,” says Wilde. “Anything with music really gets me going!”

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    When she’s not working, Wilde goes to extremes on her nails. “I like to wear bright colors—or black,” she says. “I think black is really chic.”

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    Wilde uses Kate Somerville’s Exfolikate ($22) twice a week and Dr. Hauschka’s Rose Day Cream ($43) every day—“it’s really thick and yummy!” She says working with stellar makeup artists, like Melanie Inglessis, has taught her the importance of good skincare. “When people ask me about makeup I tell them that you can’t expect makeup to make an unhealthy face look good; you have to treat your skin well. Melanie spends 10 minutes prepping my skin with moisturizers and serums!”

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    “I don’t like touchups!” Wilde says. “I want something that’s going to stay put.” It was a fear of smearing that made Wilde uneasy around lipstick for so long. “I tend to snack all day and that’s not great for lipstick,” Wilde says. Or it wasn’t, until Revlon’s ColorStay Suede Lipstick ($8). “We were shooting all day long and I was sure that Gucci would be all over me, but she wasn’t! I couldn’t believe how few touch ups we had to do.”

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    Wilde says a glimpse into her shower would make it look like 50 people live in her house, thanks to the ever-growing collection of shampoos and conditioners. “I’m always looking for natural, but effective shampoos and conditioners,” she says. “I’ve used all different brands and types, but it’s all about moisture for me—anything that’ll moisturize my hair and bring it back to life.”

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