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15 Fresh Ways to Shake Up Your Hair Game

  • 15 Fresh Ways to Shake Up Your Hair Game
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  • The Super-Short
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  • Rita Ora
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    Rita Ora might change her hair on a weekly basis, but she’s not shy about sharing that it’s not always hers. She did, however, debut her new, very real, hair cut at Milan Fashion Week, specifically: a choppy pixie cut that’s longer in the front, a la Jennifer Lawrence.

  • Annabelle Dexter-Jones
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    New York It-girl Annabelle Dexter-Jones kept her baby bangs but ditched her bob for a super short, perfectly tousled take on the pixie.

  • Julianne Hough
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    Julianne Hough’s been out and about with a new guy and a new cut. The side parted pixie feels retro, and yet right on trend.

  • The Bob
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  • Hilary Rhoda
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    After watching all of Beyonce’s videos for the singer’s latest eponymous album, model Hilary Rhoda just had to go short. She debuted the edgy cut on last month.

  • Kate Mara
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    Sure we’ve already talked about Kate Mara’s platinum bob, but can you blame us? It’s just so good.

  • Taylor Swift
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    Taylor Swift threw herself a hair-cutting party in London, with the help of Cara Delevingne and Ellie Goulding, and emerged with a sophisticated feathered cut that hits right above her shoulders.

  • Soo Joo Park
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    Soo Joo Park was one of the most talked about models at New York Fashion Week. Yes, there’s her killer street style, but her platinum blonde bob didn’t hurt!

  • Katy Perry
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    Proving that a bob doesn’t have to be straight or textured, Katy Perry debuted her new cut with curls, at the Elle UK Style Awards in London.

  • The Color Change
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  • Emily Weiss
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    Beauty blogger Emily Weiss, founder of Into the Gloss, went platinum blonde a couple of months ago, but she’s slowly transitioned to an icy, almost gray blonde that feels one step ahead of the curve.

  • Kate Bosworth
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    Photo: Wireimage

    Kate Bosworth might have dyed her hair red to play an imaginary character (she's co-starring with Kristen Stewart in Still Alice), but it looks just as good in real life!

  • Kate Foley
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    Stylist and model Kate Foley popped up at New York Fashion Week with shades of pink peeking out from under her long blonde locks. (Here’s the easiest way to try this look without committing!)

  • The Mid-Length
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  • Kate Holmes
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    Katie Holmes’ new, mid-length cut looks very uptown when pin-straight—one more reason to break out your flat iron!

  • Rihanna
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    Rihanna’s new Cleopatra cut—blunt bangs and thick mid-length hair—matches the Egyptian-inspired tattoo on her chest.

  • Brit Marling
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    Though her long, healthy blonde locks had become something of a signature, actress Brit Marling let them go right before the Sundance Film Festival this year (here, she’s at Reed Krakoff’s F/W 14 fashion show).

  • The Subtle Change
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  • Lupita Nyong'o
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    The Oscar winning actress might not have a lot of locks to play with, but even moving her part transforms Lupita Nyong’o’s look.

  • Natalie Dormer
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    It might not look like The Hunger Games star Natalie Dormer has anything subversive going on, but the actress ditched her long length and shaved about a quarter of her head, along the left side. It looks prim and shiny here, but totally punk rock here.

A new season calls for new hair—and we’re not talking about subtle highlights. There must be something in the water because everyone from Hollywood’s A-list to in-demand fashion models are going short, changing their color, or even—in one case—shaving part of their head! If you want to make a change, but still need some inspiration, we promise you’ll find it above.

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