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The 13 MOST Iconic Celebrity Hairstyles Since The '90s

  • The 13 MOST Iconic Celebrity Hairstyles Since The '90s
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    Photo: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images
  • sinead
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    Photo: Jeff Kravitz/Getty Images
    Sinead O’Connor’s Shaved Head

    Before Natalie Portman in V for Vendetta, before Britney’s run-in with a razor, there was Sinead O’Connor’s “Nothing Compares 2U” shaved head. 

  • mariah
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    Photo: Ron Galella/Getty Images
    Mariah Carey’s Ringlets

    Mariah Carey—the first iconic diva to embrace Shirley Temple curls, and look utterly glam while doing it.

  • meg
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    Photo: Ron Gallela/Getty Images
    Meg Ryan’s Piece-y Bob

    Truly a signature look, Meg Ryan’s bob is a more piece-y, layered version of her choppy locks in her breakout role in Sleepless in Seattle

  • jennifer
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    Photo: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images
    Jennifer Aniston’s “Rachel”

    Oh, the Rachel—or what we like to call the hairstyle requested ‘round the world. Bouncy and layered with just the right amount of honey-hued highlights, this Friends’ star’s hairstyle singlehandedly started a hair trend—no, hair movement—that lasted through the better part of this decade. 

  • diana
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    Photo: Antony Jones/Getty Images
    Princess Diana’s Voluminous Crop

    Fluffy, feathered, and short—Princess Di proved that a short ‘do could be chic and feminine.

  • gwen
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    Photo: S. Granitz/Getty
    Gwen Stefani’s Mini Twists

    Oh, Gwen—not only do you not seem to age, but you somehow manage to look fantastic in a hairstyle that we can only describe as “small buns that resemble snail shells.”

  • SATC
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    Photo: Ron Galella/Getty Images
    Every Hairstyle Worn by the Cast of Sex and the City

    Carrie’s curls, Samatha’s bangs, Charlotte’s side-part, and Miranda’s cropped red ‘do—was there any cast with hair as recognizable and iconic as the cast of Sex and the City

  • christina
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    Photo: S.Granitz/Getty Images
    Christina Aguilera’s Cornrows

    These tightly-bound cornrows marked an era of a new, sexier, Dirrty-er Christina—and the world paid attention.

  • halle
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    Photo: Mike Nelson/Getty Images
    Halle Berry’s Tousled Pixie

    Glowing and radiant at the 2002 Oscars, Berry’s tousled pixie was a daring move on this historic night, where she became the first African American woman to win an Oscar for Best Actress.

  • victoria
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    Photo: Michael Tran/Getty Images
    Victoria Beckham’s Angled Bob

    This bleached, angled bob established the former Spice Girl as the fashion world’s new darling

  • olsens
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    Photo: Peter Kramer/Getty Images
    Mary Kate & Ashley’s Bedhead

    The Olsen twins singlehandedly turned the term “bedhead” into a positive thing.

    Click here to find out how to get Mary-Kate and Ashley’s signature messy waves, with tips straight from the twins themselves!

  • emma
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    Photo: Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images
    Emma Watson’s Pixie

    Though we’ll always treasure Hermione’s bushy curls, this pixie marked the beginning of a new, sophisticated Ms. Watson.

  • jared
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    Photo: Steve Granitz/Getty
    Jared Leto’s Perfect Ombré

    We couldn’t possibly discuss iconic hairstyles without bringing up Jared Leto’s inhumanly-perfect ombré strands. Do we think it’s fair that a man possess such perfect locks? No, not really. But we’re not complaining—we’re just happy we get to admire them from afar.


    Any iconic hairstyles we missed? Sound off in the comments!

Happy Hairstyle Appreciation Day! Yes, it’s a real holiday, and yes, you should celebrate by taking a trip down memory lane with us. Come browse the most iconic celeb hairstyles since the ‘90s, because we’ll never get tired of discussing the cultural significance of the “Rachel."

Click through our slideshow above to see if you agree with our iconic hairstyle picks!


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