Beauty Cheat Sheet: The Over-Sleeper’s Guide To Getting Ready

Beauty Cheat Sheet: The Over-Sleeper’s Guide To Getting Ready

Getting an extra half-hour of shut-eye seems worthwhile, until you wake up with wild hair, puffy eyes, and just a few minutes to dash to work. For anyone who’s ever woken up in a groggy haze and stared at her clock in horror (a.k.a. every woman), this one’s for you.

We’re not judging you for last night’s bottle of bubbly, but we’re here to open your eyes (literally) and teach you our ways. Here, the cheater’s guide to looking like a presentable human being in under five minutes.

Keep reading our beauty cheat sheet for over-sleepers!

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    Prep In Advance

    If you’re reading this, chances are this isn’t the first time you’ve woken up in a panic and had somewhere to be, oh, five minutes ago. If you know your tendency to choose sleep over all else (including being on time), we suggest doing two things the night before: braid your hair and apply an overnight mask to your face, like Skin Inc’s Pure Deepsea Hydrating Mask ($70) or Lancôme’s Énergie De Vie Nuit ($65). Slept-in braids will give your hair instant model-off-duty texture when you wake up in the morning, while snoozing with a mask on means plump, dewy skin in the a.m.

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    Apply Lip Balm Before Anything Else

    Time: 30 seconds

    Though we tend to focus on our eyes and skin more, dry, cracked lips are a dead giveaway of a rushed morning routine. An easy solution? Slather on a petroleum-free, hydrating lip balm, like Tatcha’s Camellia Nourishing Lip Balm ($36) or Marie Veronique Organics Pacific Lip Treatment ($68), right after brushing your teeth and before doing anything else. Then, continue with your routine as the balm has time to sink in and prep your lips for color.

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    Get Dotty

    Time: 30 seconds

    Waking up to panda eyes tops our list of a.m. beauty emergencies, but when the clock’s ticking, there’s no time for precisely applied and blended concealer. Instead, use the most convenient (and speedy) tool of all: your fingers.

    Dot your favorite brightening concealer (we like the Creamy Concealer ($25) by Bobbi Brown) underneath your eyes, on your brow bone, and along your T-zone. You might resemble a confused clown at this point, but don’t worry, everything will be blended out in the next step. (A brush-tip concealer, like Eve Lom’s Light Illusion Concealer ($40), would work well, too.)

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    Blend With BB (Cream)

    Time: 1 minute

    So your skin looks amazing after you’ve employed our no-makeup makeup guide—great news, but irrelevant when you only have minutes to get ready. You need a product that can cover, smooth, brighten, and benefit your skin in one go, like a BB Cream. We love the creamy consistency and perfect coverage of Nvey Eco’s BB Crème ($27) (plus, it’s natural and paraben-free!). Use your fingers to smooth it over your face, carefully blending out the concealer you applied earlier.

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    Fake A Smoky Eye

    Time: 1 minute

    No time for eyeshadow? Employ our favorite makeup artist trick and simply smudge your liner. Choose brown over black—it’s warmer and there’s less risk of making your panda eye situation even worse—and trace a line as close to your lash line as possible. Then, just smudge away—some makeup artists even say you can just rub your eyes—and use a Q-tip to clean up the line.

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    Spoon Your Lashes

    Time: 1 minute

    As beauty editors, we keep a lot of unexpected things in our fridge (eye cream, for one). Another thing we always have on standby? A cold spoon. because it’s the perfect eye de-puffer and it keeps mascara from getting all over your lid. Press it over your eye to decrease swelling, then hold it behind your lashes as you apply mascara to avoid any cleanup afterwards. You’re welcome. 

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    Choose Cream

    Time: 30 seconds

    Apply a cream blush, like Jouer’s Cheek Tint ($20) or Tarte’s Cheek Stain ($30), to the apples of your cheeks with your fingers and blend. Then, pat whatever color is left onto your (now-hydrated) lips to avoid any zombie comparisons.

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    Topknot Trick

    Time: 30 seconds

    When time is short and you have to look polished, don’t waste time trying to tame your locks. Rushing through your hair routine can leave your strands looking even worse. Instead, give your hair a spritz of oil-absorbing dry shampoo, like Klorane’s Dry Shampoo ($9) with Oat Milk, then either 1) Leave it as is, if you happen to be lucky enough to have naturally perfect bedhead or 2) Toss it in a topknot. A topknot hides all wrongs, and will instantly help you look put-together and chic—even Gabrielle Union thinks so.

    Total Time: 5 minutes

    Have you ever tried any of these time-saving tricks? What’s your beauty routine when you’re strapped for time? Tell us below!

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