The Mascara Wand You Should Be Using, According to Your Lash Type

Hallie Gould

Ellie Benuska

Achieving big, thick lashes à la Kim Kardashian is arguably my main goal in life. You can scoff if you'd like, but it's true. I'm obsessed with all things doe-eyed, inky black, and fluttery. As such, I always go for the same type of mascara—a gooey formula with a densely-packed brush. But, recently I begin to wonder if I was doing my lashes any justice. Was there a better way? I decided to find out. 

I spoke with Kelli J. Bartlett, Glamsquad's director of makeup artistry, and my new guru for all things makeup. Truly, she knows everything there is to know and more. I asked her to assess my lashes, recommend products, and then call out a few more common issues the lash-obsessed continually deal with. From sparse to thick, and everything in between, this is the type of wand you should be using (and few mascaras that are perfect for you).

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