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Exclusive: How to Get Hair Like the Olsen Twins--Tips Straight from Mary-Kate and Ashley

  • Exclusive: How to Get Hair Like the Olsen Twins--Tips Straight from Mary-Kate and Ashley
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    The Olsens have had their locks every which way—Ashley says she won’t ever go back to brunette, Mary-Kate is more adventurous—but it’s their tight waves that has become their signature.

  • IMAGE: Ashley Wet Hair
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    The secret to Ashley’s healthy locks? “I wash my hair every other day and never blow-dry it,” she told us. “I go out with wet hair and just let it dry naturally.” Townsend approves. “I love that Ashley has embraced her natural texture,” he says.

  • Waving Iron
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    It turns out, air-dried hair is the foundation of the twins’ signature waves. “I rarely ever pick up a blow-dryer,” Townsend confirms. Instead he reaches for Rsession Tools Nalu Waver ($179). “All I do is grab random chunks of hair here and there and wrap them in a figure-8 shape around the barrel,” he says. Don’t hold for too long, he notes, and gently shake the curl out before it sets, for a loose feeling.

  • Dry Shampoo
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    Once Mary-Kate and Ashley have waves in their hair, it’s time to add texture. Townsend’s secret weapon? Dove’s Dry Shampoo ($4), used like a texture spray, not a traditional dry cleanser. “It gives their hair the best texture,” he says. “It has starch instead of powder, which literally builds layers, creating a piecey look and locks in the volume. Plus, it delivers a matte finish.” Townsend suggest spraying the formula in small sections from root to tip until you reach your desired texture.

  • IMAGE: MKA together, black jackets
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    Mary-Kate and Ashley are well aware of the obsession over their locks. Their thoughts on the subject? “At the end of the day I think that [our fans] appreciate how natural we are,” Mary-Kate told us. “For us, it’s all about what makes us feel good, we don’t really overdo it. And maybe that’s where it stems from.”

  • Hair Oil
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    The finishing touch to the Olsens’ signature waves? To balance the texture created by the dry shampoo, Townsend reaches for Serge Normant’s Meta Sheer Dry Oil Finishing Spray ($24) next. “I only apply it on their ends to make the hair a little more piecey and close the cuticle of the hair,” he says.

  • IMAGE: Ashley Long Hair
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    “Ashley’s been growing her hair out for a few years now,” Townsend says.

  • IMAGE: MK Shorter Hair
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    “I recently chopped off all my hair because it was so dead,” Mary-Kate told us. “I’m still trying to get used to it.” Getting accustomed to her shorter ‘do means trying new styles. Her new go-to is slicked back and sleek. “They’re always the first to try things,” Townsend told us. “We’re seeing the slicked-back look all over the runway.”

  • Hair Gel
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    To get Mary-Kate’s new sleek look, Townsend reaches for gel. “I’ll do the opposite of what I normally do,’” he says. “It’s meant to look wet; meant to look greasy. I just put a ton of Oribe’s Rock Hard Gel ($36) on her roots, then I pin it back and let it dry in place.” Once dry, he blasts the ends with Dove’s dry shampoo.

  • MKA TK Title
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    On a day off, Mary-Kate keeps the sleek look going. “For the most part I’ve just been wearing a good old ponytail,” she says.

  • MKA
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    The best beauty advice the twins ever received? “Our dad always told us to wear our hair off of our faces,” Ashley says. “I always thought that was pretty good advice.”

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You already know the secret to Mary-Kate and Ashley’s lived-in makeup is matte lip and eye pencils applied next to dewy skin, and the inspiration behind their new Elizabeth and James fragrances is a play on gender, so now it’s time to talk about their hair routine. How, exactly, do the twins get their beach-meets-city, messy waves? We had to ask.

Forget any notion you have of the Olsens using curling irons or fancy texture spray. We sat down with Mary-Kate and Ashley and their mane man, Mark Townsend, and found out it’s actually a cocktail of a drugstore dry shampoo and a very unique waving iron.

Click through our slideshow for Mary-Kate and Ashley’s hair secrets, along with tips from their longtime hairstylist!

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