Marc Jacobs Talks Beauty

Marc Jacobs Talks Beauty

After what feels like years of anticipation, Marc Jacobs Beauty finally launches nationwide in Sephora today. Before you go out and buy the whole thing, check out what Jacobs told us about his search for the best formulas, why his coffee table was crucial to the launch and, most importantly, what he carries in his own makeup bag.

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    Given Jacobs’ prolific work as a designer, it’s not surprising that he wanted to create a cosmetics collection because it was “another wonderful opportunity to design.” He says he approached it like he does his clothes: “I’m a visual person, and I like the entertainment value of fashion and makeup and transforming one’s self to be the person you’d like the world to see.”

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    It was Sephora that brought Jacobs’ dream products to life; he calls the store “a mecca for cosmetics—it’s modern, it’s cool, it’s young, and it supports the experience of testing, trying, touching, feeling, and looking at items while you shop.” In fact, he credits Sephora with finding the best formulas and textures—and nailing his unique packaging.

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    It might be a year full of bold lips, but Jacobs remains loyal to the dramatic eye. “I love looking at people’s eyes,” he says. “They’re just the most expressive feature.” The collection offers two different-sized palettes with either three or seven shadows, color combinations Jacobs encourages you to play with, and an easy-to-use liquid liner, Magic Marc-er ($30).

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    Though Jacobs has mentioned he’s not so interested in skincare—it’s the aesthetics that drew him to cosmetics—he was invested in the ingredients and the feel of his products. “Technology and formulas were very important to me,” he says. “We really scoured the globe to find the latest innovations and technologies in formula.” There’s a reason his Genius Gel Super-Charged Foundation ($48) has gotten so much press.

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    One look at Jacobs’ tattoos and you’ll see the designer has a sense of humor. With colors like Glinda, No Regrets, and Role Play, we wondered if he’d had any particular seasons in mind when developing and naming his colors—we were getting too specific. “The shade names correspond to what inspires me,” Jacobs says. “I’m inspired by pop culture, by music, by art, by film, iconic characters in my life, in literature, in films, in moments.”

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    Jacobs’ packaging manages to be both sleek and big. It was his Jean Dumand black lacquer coffee table that inspired the slick black cases with rounded edges. He uses words like “modern,” “curvy,” and “luxe” to describe his intent and sure enough, though not delicate, the products fit comfortably into one’s hand.

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    We didn’t ask Jacobs to pick a favorite product—he offered on his own! “The Remedy Concealer Pen ($39) was a really important product for me,” he says. “It features a palladium-tip applicator that’s really cool and soothing so that it really feels like it’s remedied something (particularly my late nights of working).”

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    Jacobs is no stranger to makeup; the designer memorably posed in drag—wig, hair, makeup, the works!—for Industrie magazine in 2011, but what’s he using from his own collection? “I have my iPhone, Binaca, and my Beauty Brow Tamer Grooming Gel ($24), Lip Lock Moisture Balm ($24), and Remedy Concealer Pen ($39) in my makeup bag,” he says.

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