Mandy’s Must-Haves: A Cooling Lip Oil, Shimmer Eyeliner, And More

Mandy’s Must-Haves: A Cooling Lip Oil, Shimmer Eyeliner, And More

As always, August has arrived without any warning whatsoever, meaning fall is just around the corner—but our guest beauty editor, Mandy Moore, isn’t complaining. From a navy blue polish to a dry oil mist, keep flipping to see her top beauty picks of the month!

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    Summer may be in full swing, but I, for one, am already pining away for the cool romance of fall and all that comes along with it. As a prelude to what's in store a little further down the road, and a nod to treating ourselves well in the midst of summer's glare, I found myself drawn to anything indulgent and restorative.


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    Sara Happ The Lip Scrub ($24) in Clementine

    As someone who’s gone lip-color free for most of my makeup-wearing years, I’ve recently become attached to a bold lip. The biggest problem I find is that somewhere over the course of the day or evening, I experience that dreaded “pilling” or crumbs of lipstick debris stuck in the corners of my mouth. YUCK. Enter: The Lip Scrub ($24) by Sara Happ in Clementine—the critically lauded and deliciously fragrant (so good you swear you could eat it) answer to my lip color debacle. After I scrub in a circular motion and wipe clean with a tissue, I layer with some moisturizing lip balm, let it set, and then blot away the excess…right before I’m ready to bring on the bold lip and go about my day like a new woman!


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    Yes to Coconut Cooling Lip Oil ($5)

    And while we’re on the lip balm tip, I’m forever game to try something that may have slipped passed my radar. Yes to Coconut’s Cooling Lip Oil ($5) seems like the ideal soothing treatment after a long day in the sun (or heck, throughout the entire day), but without the somewhat gummy texture some ultra-hydrating balms stick you with. Bonus points for the sleek design, stellar price point, being paraben-free, and 99% natural. Big thumbs-up in my book. 

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    A close-up of the lip oil.

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    Soapwalla Recover Indulgent Bath Soaking Salts ($12)

    As a big fan of Soapwalla’s all natural, aluminum-free deodorant cream, I was eager to try some of the other products in their arsenal. I happen to be a big proponent of baths (when I have the luxury of time) and the brand’s Indulgent Bath Salts in Detoxifying Cedarwood and Grapefruit is right up my alley. I found the gentle power of the essential oils equal parts calming, purifying and energizing. Also, this brand gets a round of applause for their use of vegan, food-grade ingredients, without the inclusion of harsh, synthetic ingredients! YAY! 

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    Jennifer Fisher Jewelry X RGB Cosmetics Nail Lacquer ($18) in Momma

    I know navy blue doesn’t exactly scream summer, but work with me here. I generally tend to scoop up anything navy, as it’s a great alternative to black and I was so taken by RGBxJennifer Fisher’s Collaboration in Momma that I practically hopped to my local nail salon to see it on my toes. I’m delighted to report that all of RGB’s polishes are 5-free and this particular color is the perfect mixture of a super saturated dark blue and gray.

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    Julep Nail Polish ($14) in Iona

    If navy has you feeling fall vibes, I get it. My runner-up in the blue-ish polish department comes in the form of Julep’s Iona—a matte purple-blue (they describe it as a hydrangea blue crème), also 5-free. 

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    Jouer Liquid Shimmer Eyeliner ($22) in Panther

    If you’re looking for a cool alternative to good ol’ fashioned black liner, I highly recommend Jouer’s Liquid Shimmer Eyeliner ($22). For those of us not as skilled at perfecting a decent cat-eye, the brand promises the paraben-free, water-based formula allows for a bit of extra drying time (to correct mistakes). Plus, the subtle flecks of shimmer are super wearable and make for a festive addition to your eyeliner arsenal. 

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    Love the subtle shimmer!

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    Ahava Dry Oil Body Mist ($39)

    To say that I was instantly obsessed by the mandarin and cedar oil-based scent of Ahava’s Dry Oil Body Mist ($39) would be a total understatement.  

    The spray-on oil leaves a subtle, non-greasy glow, and the anti-aging combo of sesame seed oil and vitamin E protects against free radicals while hydrating. This is quickly becoming a staple of my daily routine and will be the perfect transition product when the cooler weather prevails. 


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    Ahava Dry Oil Body Mist ($38)

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    Julep Nail Polish in Iona ($

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    Jennifer Fisher Jewelry X RGB Cosmetics Nail Lacquer in Momma ($18)

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    Yes to Coconuts Cooling Lip Oil ($5)

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