Psst! You're Doing It Wrong: 5 Makeup Tips You Didn't Know

Psst! You're Doing It Wrong: 5 Makeup Tips You Didn't Know
Alexey Kiselev

Perhaps it’s the our strong Type-A personality—mind, body, and soul (thanks for that, mom)—but when see a fellow beauty devotee going down a path towards a major makeup gaffe, we simply must speak up. Don’t worry – we can be discreet. If we observe a friend wielding a mascara wand with improper placement, we aren’t going to shout it from the rooftops. But we will interject with a quick psst! to offer some friendly advice….

Click through the slideshow above for five makeup mistakes you’re probably making—and how to fix them!

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    Mistake #1: Undereye Concealer

    Tempting as it may be to stare at your dark circles and insist they span the entire width of your eye, they don’t. Applying your concealer under your whole eye is a mistake of the reverse-raccoon variety. Rather, when you’re looking in the mirror, tilt your head down to see where the shadows actually fall, and just conceal that area.

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    Mistake #2: Lip Liner

    By now you’re well aware that lip liner should be not be treated as liner at all. Sure, you’ve been using your pencil to fill in your lips entirely, but you may not be practicing proper technique when lining. Instead of starting from one corner and dragging the pencil all the way around to meet the point where you started, begin by making an X at your cupid’s bow. Next, add a dash to center of your bottom lip directly below that X. Then part your lips and draw a sideways V in each corner. Connect the lines for the most even, shapely lips obtainable without the help of a doctor.

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    Mistake #3: Egg-Shaped Sponge

    A dry egg-shaped makeup sponge is about as useful as well, a dry regular sponge. When used dry, your trusted Beautyblender just doesn’t deliver the smooth, even finish it’s capable of. It may seem a little weird to wet your makeup sponge, but when you remember it is actually a sponge, it starts to make more sense. And once you apply your foundation with a damp sponge, all the weirdness subsides and you’re left with flawless, seemingly airbrushed skin. 

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    We know it’s tough to come between a girl and her beloved bronzer, but when your application technique is actually hurting your chances of achieving bronzed goddess status, we feel we must step in. Sweeping the darkest bronzer you could get your hands across your entire face was a fine strategy back in middle school. But to add dimension to your face and deliver an optimum sun-kissed effect, apply your bronzer in the shape of a 3: hit the temples and the hairline, then the cheekbones, and finish with the jawline. Need a visual? Click here for our step-by-step tutorial on how to apply bronzer.

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    Curling Mascara

    Generally, you don’t need mascara to come with instructions. But then one day, you untwist the cap and remove a curved wand, and all your confidence in your mascara applying abilities is shot. Don’t fret – it’s actually very simple. The purpose of the bend in the wand is to gently curl the lashes in the center while lifting up the edges. So rather than holding the curve towards your eye, hold the wand so the bend faces up. Your lashes will sit into the bend and the wand will do all the work. And there you have it—confidence restored. 

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