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Game, Set, Match

Instant Beauty Update: Match Your Makeup to your Outfit!
  • Game, Set, Match
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  • Allison Williams
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    Allison Williams
    Makeup artist Julie Harris used Nars' Velvet Matte Lip Pencil ($24) in Pop Life to set off the coral trim of Allison Williams' Prabal Gurung dress.
  • Nicole Richie
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    Nicole Richie
    When Beau Nelson used Yves Saint Laurent's Pure Chromatics Eyeshadow ($52) in Palette 10 on Nicole Richie, the designer/style star hadn't yet decided what to wear for the night. That she settled on a matching dress from her QVC collection was a happy coincidence!
  • Harley Viera-Newton
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    Harley Viera-Newton
    It looks like Harley Viera-Newton's Diane von Furstenberg suit was dipped in the same bright pink as her NYX Lipstick ($8) in Hot Pink.
  • Lily Cole
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    Lily Cole
    To perfectly match her Alexander McQueen dress, Lily Cole's makeup artist, Kouta, used Chanel Rouge Coco Shine ($32) in #70, Sourire.
  • Kelly Osbourne
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    Kelly Osbourne
    If you want to take the idea of head-to-toe matching one step further, you can always match your hair to your dress! Of all her hair colors, Kelly Osbourne's clearly taken with the light lavender shade at left. Hairstylist Judd Minter mixes an intense group of professional dyes from L'Oreal and Redken, but says you can get the look at home with Manic Panic Semi-Permanent Hair Dye ($12). "Combine two jars of Virgin Snow with one tablespoon of Purple Haze," he says. "Mix it very well and apply it on towel-dried hair from roots to ends with a tint brush. Comb it through and wrap the head in plastic." Wash it out in 30 minutes (and add heat if you want a particularly vibrant shade of purple) for the ultimate color statement.

Matching your makeup to your dress sounds old-fashioned, to put it nicely. But a slew of stars have surprised us with colorful pairings that look fresher than expected. Whether you build a smoky eye in the same autumnal shade as your dress, match your bright lipstick to a vintage top, or even choose an outfit to match your hair color, there's nothing wrong with sticking to a single color scheme. Read on for our favorite looks and a few tips for trying this out at home.

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