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The Self-Tanner That Lasts Longer Than The Real Thing

Welcome to Product of The Day, a column where we sound off on the latest and greatest beauty products!
The Self-Tanner That Lasts Longer Than The Real Thing

Ever since I gave up sunbathing, it’s been my quest to find the perfect self-tanning product. My goal is to find something natural looking (but still intense enough to show up on my olive skin), long lasting, easy to apply, and shouldn’t streak—a tall order, indeed.

Enter Vita Liberata’s pHenomenal 2-3 Week Tan Mousse ($54). The olive-toned formula never looks orange, rubs in smoothly, and dries in under a minute. In order to get the two to three week lasting power, you just have to apply, wait 8-24 hours, rinse, and repeat a few times. Three applications over the course of one to three days may seem like a big commitment, but the moisturizing formula can take the place of your post-shower lotion. Plus, I’ve found it lasts much better than traditional single-use formulas, even through sweat and humidity.

So instead of spending hours working on my tan this summer, I’ll be taking a few extra minutes to get a perfect—damage-free—glow at my bathroom counter.

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