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An Overnight Zit Zapper That Actually Works--It Exists!

An Overnight Zit Zapper That Actually Works--It Exists!

Though my ansty, acne-ridden middle school days are (thankfully) behind me, I do still get the occasional pimple. Such was the case when I woke up on Saturday and peered in the mirror, dismayed to see a distinct pink spot right in the middle of my brows. Usually, these sorts of surprise blemishes tend to stay a few days and then go away on their own accord. But I was feeling particularly impatient that day, and wanted that zit gone—fast. I had received Ling’s Drying Lotion ($32) a few weeks ago and realized now was as good of a time as ever to give it a go.

The “lotion” is actually a liquid formula that you apply to your face with a dropper, then blend in. Because of its slight tint, it actually helped conceal my spot as it worked its magic. The three distinct zit-zapping ingredients—sulfur, tea-lauryl sulfate, and zinc oxide—work to clear your skin and dry up the affected area.

I proceeded with my day, and tried to ignore the thought of a blemish growing rapidly in the middle of my forehead. At night, I looked anxiously in the mirror and was surprised to see that the size of my spot had decreased considerably. Had I found a zit zapper that actually works? Enthused, I immediately applied two more drops of the Drying Lotion before going to bed.

In the morning, something amazing happened: my lone pimple was virtually unnoticeable. A coincidence? I think not. A miracle cure? Perhaps. All I know is that this little bottle of magic has officially earned a spot in my medicine cabinet.

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