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Behind Closed Doors: A Peek Inside Lea Michele's Fridge

You might be surprised by her grocery list...
  • Behind Closed Doors: A Peek Inside Lea Michele's Fridge
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    Photo: Justin Coit
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    What is one thing you always have in your fridge? Come hell or high water, this item will be in there.

    Michele: Tatziki.

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    What's one thing we'd NEVER find in your fridge?

    Michele: Whole regular milk (I only drink rice milk).

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    Is there a signature item friends know will be in your fridge when they come over?

    Michele: Carrots and celery.

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    What are your top five favorite items to have on hand for healthy last-minute meals?

    Michele: Quinoa pasta, tomato sauce, mozzarella, tomatoes, kale. 

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    If you had to describe your fridge in one word, what would it be?

    Michele: Fresh. 

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    What would you like a lifetime supply of in your fridge?

    Michele: Grapes and avocados.

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    What's the strangest item in your fridge right now?

    Michele: Kimchee.

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    What’s the item in your fridge you're most guilty about?

    Michele: Cream cheese.

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    What item do you think has been in there the longest?

    Michele: A bottle of pink champagne from a few months ago.

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    What’s your favorite midnight snack?

    Michele: Ezekiel toast with cream cheese.

Getting a peek inside someone's fridge is an act that feels particularly intimate—a privilege that rivals viewing a closet or medicine cabinet, if you ask us. When the fridge in question's owner is one of television’s leading ladies? That coveted fridge-peek becomes all the more special. After all, who wouldn't want to know which foods the most gorgeous and successful celebs in Hollywood keep in their fridge, what they'd never be caught dead with, and what they reach for as a midnight snack?

Since we want to know these things too, we caught up with the stunning and super-fit Lea Michele for the scoop on her fridge contents—the one item she always has on hand, her go-to ingredients for healthy snacks, and the foods her friends know will be in her fridge when they come over.

Click through the slideshow above for Michele's fridge must-haves and take notes before your next trip to the grocery store! 

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