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In Celebration of Lancôme Show x Alber Elbaz

  • In Celebration of Lancôme Show x Alber Elbaz
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  • Aimee Song 1
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    “I love the adorable sketches Alber Elbaz does,” says Song of Style’s Aimee Song. The Calfornia-based blogger wears the pastel green shade from Color Définicils Palette ($51) in Mint Jolie, with the shimmering highlighter shade in the corner of her eye, layered over a winged cat-eye. “I styled my outfit around my make-up!”

  • Aimee Song 2
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    It’s the summer of pastels! Song carries a sky blue bag on the weekends.

  • Aimee Song 3
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    Song packs, from left to right, a card holder, Lancôme Show by Alber Elbaz Eye Palette ($51) and Hypnose Star Mascara ($29), plus her phone and a trusty pair of sunglasses!

  • Geri Hirsch 1
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    “When it was first announced back in January that legendary designer Alber Elbaz would be sprinkling his magical touch all over Lancôme with a limited edition, high glam eye collection I couldn't wait to get my little paws on it,” says Because I’m Addicted’s Geri Hirsch.

  • Geri Hirsch 2
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    A bright pink clutch makes the perfect home for Lancôme’s colorful collection!

  • Geri Hirsch 3
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    “If you're a loyal Lancôme girl, these palettes are what dreams are made of,” Hirsch says.

  • Geri Hirsch 4
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    Hirsch layers her vintage necklace over a vintage tee: “Feminine meets masculine done just right.”

  • Cassandra Lavalle 1
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    The Seattle-based Cassandra Lavalle of Coco + Kelley has an eye for color and a love of Lancôme--who better to celebrate the brand’s new collaboration with Alber Elbaz?

  • Cassandra Lavalle 2
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    “I decided to take the plunge on a white bag this season,” says Lavalle. “It’s quickly filled up!”

  • Cassandra Lavalle 3
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    “I always throw my makeup into a pouch to protect my larger bag,” says Lavalle. “The super fun packaging on the new Alber Elbaz x Lancôme palettes totally jazzes things up.”

  • Cassandra Lavalle 4
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    “My bright white pen goes everywhere with me, as does the most essential beauty item: mascara,” says Lavalle.

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