3 Korean Skincare Products That Are About to Blow Up

Alicia  Yoon

It’s Korean Beauty Week here at Byrdie HQ! Each day this week, our Korean-beauty correspondent, Alicia Yoon of Peach and Lily, will be sharing the most interesting findings from her recent trip to Seoul. Consider this a deep dive into what’s really happening over the pond—from the newest product innovations to the beauty goods real Korean women are obsessing over. For our second installment, Yoon is sharing three new K-beauty innovations your skin is going to love. You might want to put down your BB cream…

Keeping an eye out for buzzy new products (or ones that just seem to make a lot of beauty sense) is a really inspiring part of my job at Peach and Lily. The beauty innovations coming out of Korea take my breath away; there’s so much practicality and brilliance included in these innovations and inventions. Keep scrolling to see three of my favorite new things coming out of this beauty-forward mecca…

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