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Weekend Dare: 3 Awesome Beauty Looks to Try

  • Weekend Dare: 3 Awesome Beauty Looks to Try
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  • 70's Curl
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  • Kate Moss
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    Who doesn’t want to channel Kate Moss? Pick up a small curling iron (try the 5/8-inch Iron ($32) from Hot Tools) and give your hair a supermodel-approved ‘70s curl.

  • Pin It
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  • Pin it Pic
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    Add instant polish to a messy up-do with a few cleverly placed gold bobby pins.

  • Contrast Shadow
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  • Contrast Shadow Pic
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    Use contrasting colors on your eyes to make a serious statement. Try Sephora’s It Palette ($32) or two foolproof pencils, like Urban Decay’s 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil ($20).

This week we’re looking to The Coveteur for our day-off beauty inspiration. While the team may spend their days raiding closets, their Pinterest is full of more than just luxury shoes and bags. Here are three looks from their beauty board that we’ll be trying this weekend.

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