Kate Moss' Hair: From Rockstar, to Pixie, to Bardot, and Beyond

Kate Moss' Hair: From Rockstar, to Pixie, to Bardot, and Beyond
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Kate Moss has become synonymous with rock star chic: a smudged cat eye paired with Bardot bedhead hair. But the supermodel’s experimented with many a look since she rose to fame in the early ‘90s. There was the pixie, the tight birthday ringlets, and, of course, the long locks she sported while hanging off the arm of Johnny Depp. A look back at Moss’ greatest hits, above.

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    Just two years after being discovered by Storm Models’ Sarah Doukas at JFK airport, Moss was confident in her style. Here, in 1990, she sports long blonde hair cut into slight layers with plenty of texture, a look she’d repeatedly return to over the years.

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    PHOTO: Jim Smeal/WireImage

    Moss actually looks younger four years later, holding hands with Johnny Depp, thanks to long hair and what looks like her natural texture.

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    PHOTO: Fred Duval/FilmMagic

    Inching toward the pin straight locks that were de rigueur in the ‘90s, Moss also cut bangs, making this her most grown up look yet.

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    PHOTO: Richard Corkery/NY Daily News Archive via Getty

    1998 was the year Moss went brunette, broke up with Johnny Depp, and starred in Oasis’ music video for Don’t Go Away. Though she’ll always be a blonde to us, we dug her dark period.

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    There’s Kate Moss rock star and real rock star and for a minute in 1999 the supermodel channeled Joan Jett, blurring the lines between the two.

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    In 1997, Gwyneth Paltrow went short, the next year it was Liv Tyler, and by 2001, it was Moss’ turn to experiment with a pixie cut. Here, the model accepts her award for Model of the Year at the British Fashion Awards.

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    PHOTO: Dave Benett/Getty Images

    This is probably the kind of picture that pops into your mind when you think of Moss: jagged middle part, casually pulled back hair, smudged liner, a tight black dress, and a side of fur.

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    PHOTO: Fred Duval/FilmMagic

    Ten years ago, we got a glimpse of what would become Moss’ signature look: hair that we’re sure, in some way, birthed the era of dry shampoo.

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    PHOTO: Lawrence Lucier/FilmMagic

    The more hair is processed, the more texture it gets. So it’s not surprising that in 2004, at her blondest, Moss shows off the kind of texture that drives women to stock their shelves with surf sprays, texturizing creams, pomades, and whatever else they can find to score this second-day vibe everyday.

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    PHOTO: Brad Barket/Getty Images

    In 2007, Kate Moss channeled Michelle Pfeiffer in Scarface and, well, it’s impossible to say who wore the thick fringe better.

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    PHOTO: ©BIG PICTURES/bauergriffinonline

    For her 30th birthday, Moss sported a legendary head of honey-colored ringlets and a Ziggy Stardust-like star around her eye, mirroring her Chanel jumpsuit. If it were up to us, this would be an acceptable everyday look.

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    PHOTO: ©BIG PICTURES/bauergriffinonline

    Like the cerulean speech from The Devil Wear’s Prada, Moss’s light on top, dark on the bottom hair style quickly trickled down, becoming one of the most popular looks of the aughts.

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    PHOTO: FilmMagic

    Moss went for a slept-in Sophia Loren style at a Topshop party in London a few years ago; she always makes a retro style feel surprisingly fresh.

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    PHOTO: Fred Duval/FilmMagic

    It took the ten-year anniversary of her partnership with Rimmel to get Moss into a bold red lip—well worth the wait if you ask us. That hair, however, is almost identical to her style 20 years earlier

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    PHOTO: Jun Sato/WireImage

    Last month, in Tokyo for the opening of Louis Vuitton’s Timeless Muses exhibition, Moss looked just that. The model appeared both fresh-faced and red carpet-ready, with casually brushed back, super shiny hair framing her contoured cheekbones for a more polished version of her signature bedhead.

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