From Latex Scars to Makeup Campaigns

From Latex Scars to Makeup Campaigns
Kate Hudson's something of an expert at straddling the line between tomboy and glam starlet. When talking about her earliest makeup memories, the actress jumped from an action movie trailer to her famous mom's boudoir before walking us through her no-fuss skincare routine and cosmetic must-haves, below.
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    Bourjois Volume Glamour Max Definition Mascara ($16)

    The one makeup line I remember as a kid is called Bourjois, way back in the '80s. I remember that so specifically. I would say my first makeup memory in terms of an actual memory was being a little girl and watching my mom put on mascara. I remember watching it do something to her eyes and just thinking, "Wow!" You know, I grew up in makeup trailers so watching my mother's makeup artists do their thing was awesome; they're real artists.
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    Goldfaden Daily Scrub ($65)Pevonia Power Repair Marine Collagen Daily Moisturizer ($73)

    I'm pretty simple. I always try to take my eye makeup off (if I'm wearing any) and I cleanse and exfoliate--usually in the morning--sometimes I put on moisturizer and sometimes I don't. It just depends on how my skin feels. I use a little eye cream and then when I wake up, I wash with water and exfoliate with Goldfaden. It's a pretty intense daily scrub and it's good because I have sensitive skin, but it takes off a good sort of dirty layer and leaves your skin smooth in the morning before putting on makeup, which I like.
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    Le Mieux Essence Moisturizer ($45)

    For moisturizer, I go back and forth. I use Le Mieux, which I really love, and Marine Collagen Daily. I like ones that aren't really fragrant, have a clean smell, and don't feel super heavy. Every once in a while I glob on this thing called Crème d'Olives ($145) which is so great. It's like La Mer, but that's just when I'm really dry.
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    Dior Addict Lip Polish ($30) Bobbi Brown Crystal Lip Gloss ($18)Givenchy Gelée D'Interdit Smoothing Gloss Balm Crystal Shine ($28)

    I'm an eye person. If I'm putting on any makeup I like using an eyeliner and smudging it. I've always used the Almay eyeliner ($9) because it's super creamy. I like the charcoal gray, a smoky gray that I think is really nice because it's not too dark. I always have one in my purse. And I never go anywhere without Egyptian Magic ($37); I use it on my kids and me. I always throw four or five lip glosses in my bag. I like ones that smell good, like Dior's and Bobbi Brown's. Givenchy's making these little ones that are really good to travel with.
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    Almay Wakeup Liquid Makeup ($13)

    And then I usually do take makeup--an easy sort of makeup that I can put on with my hands--with me wherever I go. I just got the new Almay Wakeup--it feels like you've splashed water on your face. The first time I used it I was like, "I wish you guys had a camera on me right now because my reaction's so honest!" It was like someone really splashed me!

    I like makeup that's easy and malleable, because that's when you get the best looks. The people who don't really know how to do specific makeup--most people--just want to be able to take their finger and move it so that it looks good. And you want it to be quick; it's hard to want to spend an hour doing your makeup.
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