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Karlie Kloss' Summer Beauty Picks

How does the busiest model prep for summer? Check out Karlie Kloss' beauty must-haves in our slideshow.
  • Karlie Kloss' Summer Beauty Picks
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  • Karlie Kloss Bronzer
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    What turns a model into a Victoria’s Secret angel? Kloss was quick to answer: “It’s all about the skin: it has to be dewy and glowy,” she says. “Bronzed skin and a good flush are key.” Her go-to products? Guerlain’s Terracota Bronzer ($51) powder compact or Tom Ford’s Shade and Illuminate ($75) for a creamy bronzer. “I like a good matte bronzer without shimmer,” she says.

  • Karlie Kloss Blush
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    Whether Kloss chooses a powder or cream bronzer, she always tops it with Nars’ Cream Blush ($29). “Cream is a little harder to work with than powder, but you just sort of get it on your fingertips, move it around to warm it up, and flush it out,” says Kloss.

  • Karlie Kloss Eyelashes
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    Modeling has its perks: Kloss picks up her tricks from the best makeup artists. One of the most important things she’s learned backstage? “Individual lashes!” she says. “They make such a huge difference.” Try M.A.C.’s 30 Lash ($16) with their Duo Adhesive ($9) to make your lashes look incredibly full.

  • Karlie Kloss Body Bronzer
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    “Whether you’re going out with your girlfriends and wearing a short skirt, or you just want an instant tan, body bronzer is key,” Kloss says. Her pick? Victoria’s Secret Instant Bronzing Tinted Body Spray ($15).

  • Karlie Kloss Sunscreen
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    “I really love all of Clarins’ products,” Kloss says. “Especially their sunscreen because it’s very moisturizing.” Try Clarins’ 50+ SPF Sunscreen for Face ($32) and their High Protection Sunscreen Cream ($34) for body.

  • Karlie Kloss Short Hair
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    Kloss cut eight inches off her hair last winter, prompting a whole new routine. “Cutting your hair changes how you feel, how you dress, and how you do your makeup,” she says. “It’s all about texture when you have short hair.” Post-shower Kloss reaches for Victoria’s Secret’s Beach Hair Wave Spray ($12). “I spray it in, scrunch it up, and it looks like I’ve been at the beach all day.”

  • Karlie Kloss Nail Polish
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    “I love mint green nail polish in the summer,” Kloss says. “My other go-to is Ballet Slippers by Essie. A pale nail looks super chic, especially when you have a nice tan.”

    Try Essie’s Nail Polish ($8) in Mint Candy Apple, too!

  • Karlie Kloss Skin
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    When it comes to sloughing off dry skin Kloss hits the drugstore for Neutrogena’s Pink Grapefruit line. “It’s super basic, but it’s great to get dead skin off, especially in the summer,” she says. Try the brand’s Body Wash ($8) and Foaming Scrub ($8).

  • Karlie Kloss Lip Liners
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    “A great lip color is so important,” Kloss says. “It’s very old-school, but I am all about lip liner and VS has a really good one--I have all the colors!” Victoria’s Secret Lip Liner ($12) seen here in Blushing Nude, Spanish Sangria, and Tickled Pink.

  • Karlie Kloss Eyeliner and Mascara
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    In Kloss’ summer makeup bag you’ll find Dior’s Diorshow Black Out Waterproof Mascara ($25) and Victoria’s Secret’s Graphic Liner Pen ($13). “I use Diorshow because it makes your lashes look twice as thick--this waterproof version is really good,” she says. “And I always have this felt eyeliner in my bag.”

Karlie Kloss is only 20, but she’s on the fast track to becoming a bona fide supermodel. The runway and magazine veteran, MTV host, and Victoria’s Secret angel works nonstop so what, we wondered, are the products that carry her from spring swimsuit shoots to fall fashion week? We found out.

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